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Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loaders available from Martin Implement



Dingo Compact Utility Loaders

Toro's Dingo compact utility loaders are renowned for their versatility. These units help minimize hand labor and increase productivity; saving both time and money. They can be operated as a walk behind machine or with an optional ride platform, and are designed with easy to use controls that makes them suitable for nearly any operator. Dingos also provide clear sight lines for precise control and are available in wheeled and tracked models. Lightweight and compact, they offer turf protection and fit in tight spots.

Adding to their versatility is the Dingo Quick Attach System™ which provides reliable hydraulic power. Changing attachments is fast and easy, and most attachments can be switched in less than a minute, so you can spend more time getting work done.

Toro Dingo Attachments available from Martin Implement

Dingo Attachments

With a wide variety of compact utility attachments, your Dingo is a multi-purpose workhorse. They are built for productivity and durability no matter what task you're facing.

Attachments available for the Dingo include augers, backhoes, buckets, hydraulic breakers, forks, ground prep equipment, snowblowers, stump grinders, trenchers and more.

Toro Walk Behind Trenchers available from Martin Implement

Walk Behind Trenchers

Toro's TRX walk behind trenchers feature an exclusive track drive and control system to allow you to work faster and more precise than ever before. These stable and highly maneuverable machines offer a low center of gravity and large footprint that won't damage turf. The controls are nearly identical to the Toro Dingo TX models, so they are easy to learn how to operate.

These trenchers can dig trenches up to 48" deep and 8" wide. They also feature a powerful Kawasaki twin-cylinder engine to deliver power where you need it.

Walk Behind Stump Grinders and Additives available from Martin Implement

Walk Behind Stump Grinders

With a wide range of stump grinders available, Toro has the tool you need no matter what size job you're facing, from the 6.5 HP SGR-6 all the way up to the 38 HP STX-38. All models are easy to operate. Even the large STX-38 requires fewer levers and knobs than other competitive stump grinders.

Both the STX-26 and STX-38 are equipped with tracks that increase stability, while the SGR-6 and SGR-13 are well balanced on tires to make the operator's job easier. The STX-38 reaches ground speeds of 4.5 mph, so you can spend less time traveling and more time grinding.

Walk-Behind Slit Seeders available from Martin Implement

Walk-Behind Slit Seeders

Toro's hydraulic slit seeders are lightweight and easy to use. They operate just like a self propelled lawn mower with variable speed both forward and backward. The 20" model houses a 40 lb capacity seed mixer while the 18" model has a 25 lb seeder box. Both models can adjust the seed delivery rate easily for different applications and seeds.

Walk Behind & Stand-On Aerators available from Martin Implement

Walk Behind & Stand-On Aerators

The 21" single hydro aerator is a walk behind model that's compact and maneuverable for tight areas. It's capable of aerating in reverse and doesn't require raising the tines for turns, boosting productivity. The frame is made of 10-gauge steel and creates plugs up to 4" deep.

The 30" stand-on aerator can travel at speeds up to 7.5 mph and its 5 gallon fuel tank means less stopping to fill up. With over 1,200 lb of pressure on the tines and the ability to pull cores as deep as 5", this machine can handle any condition. Operators can finely tune the depth of the pull on the fly, and tines are easily raised and lowered with a foot pedal.

Mud Buggy available from Martin Implement

Mud Buggy

Haul heavier loads, boost output, and maneuver in smaller spaces with a Toro Mud Buggy. The classic, versatile MB-1600 transports up to 2,500 lb. loads, features a powerful hydraulic dump system, and responsive controls. The larger, newer MB TX 2500 matches this performance, as well, but with a 25 HP Kohler Confidant engine and on Kevlar reinforced tracks that can maneuver across the rockiest terrain. Any job can be completed efficiently.

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