Cutting Edge Advice – When to Replace Mower Blades

mower blade replacement

This blade just ain’t gonna cut it.

With spring here it’s time to take another look at mower blades. Mowing with dull blades gives a poor-quality cut, which is something neither you or your customers want. If you’re doing spring maintenance on your mower a blade inspection should absolutely be included. Now here’s some advice on what to look for and what to do about a dull blade:

Unless the blade is VISIBLY worn, the best way to check for dull blades is to examine the grass the day after it’s been cut. A sharp blade will cut the grass evenly. On the other hand, if the tip of the grass appears ragged and is starting to brown, this is a sign that the blades should be replaced. Continuing to mow with a dull blade will increase the likelihood that the grass will become diseased, since the uneven cut provides an opportunity for fungus to take hold.

An alternative to replacing the blade is to re-sharpen it. This is possible if enough of the steel surface remains to recreate the proper cutting pitch, but often times the blade is worn so much that it’s not recommended. If your blades look rounded off at the end then they’re thoroughly worn and in need of replacement. If you do choose to re-sharpen the blades, they will need to be balanced before installation. Mower repair shops use a balancing tool to ensure an unbalanced blade doesn’t do damage to your spindle and gear box.  Since the cost differential between replacing versus sharpening is often minimal, our recommendation would be to opt for replacement.

If you’ve got any questions on mower blades call our Parts Department – they’ll be glad to help you with recommendations and help you get the right replacement if needed.

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