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Be prepared this year and equip your skid steer with SnowWolf blades and tires.

SnowWolf Snow Plow attachments and WolfPaws traction tires give you the best combo of lot clearing speed and ease, and the most aggressive tire “bite” in the biz. Want to clear the same area in half the time of your competition? SnowWolf has got you covered. Want to keep your head warm out there? We thought so. Find out how to pick up your FREE SnowWolf stocking cap:

SnowWolf offers your skid steer or wheel loader the ultimate in lot clearing efficiency. Here’s what our customer had to say about his SnowWolf equipment with his skid steer:

“We have 7′ and 10′ SnowWolf blades with wings, which go with our New Holland LS170 skid steer and W80 compact wheel loader. We also bought a set of WolfPaws snow tires for the skid steer.”

“The wheel loader is the best piece of equipment I’ve ever bought. I use it on a four building site that previously took two trucks four hours to plow. Now, I can do it in half the time with one truck and the loader.”

“The skid steer and 7′ blade are very good at handling tight areas with a lot of parked vehicles. It’s a lot of weaving in and out, and we’ve got to be able to angle the blades and windrow all the snow away and stack it. The SnowWolf blades with the wings are the best of both worlds, plus they’re very thick, not flimsy. We can still push like a box, but we still have the angling capacity to windrow.”

SnowWolf offers angle blades, WolfWing side wing kits and snow pushers including a quick release model – the Ultra FastTach. The Ultra FastTach combines angle plowing and snow pushing in one operation so you never have to leave the cab again to install or remove side plates.


You’ll be stylin’ and warm in this hat.

Now that you’ve read about SnowWolf equipment, fill out the form below and then visit one of our shops to pick up your FREE SnowWolf stocking cap. We’ve got you covered.

One stocking cap per person while supplies last.

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