Trending Attachment: Rotary Cutters for Skid Steers


It’s the oldest (and best) advice in the book: get the right tool for the job, and EVERYTHING goes smoother. And when you have weeds and brush that are already creeping above knee-level, even the best platform mowers will sputter. This is a job for a brush cutter / rotary mower — and the easiest way to plow through the tall stuff is attaching one of these machines to your skid steer.  Great power, maneuverability, and superior safety.

One of the great things about being a landscape professional is the immense satisfaction of seeing the “before and after” for yourself. First, you survey the unkempt wilds, then you leave perfectly coiffed greenspaces in your wake.  (A little bit like running the barber shop on an Army base.) But the result is not even half the fun of running through the brush and watching all those lousy weeds trembling in your path.  If you’ve done it yourself, you know: it’s like the Midwestern version of snowboarding.  

If you haven’t run a brush cutter with a skid steer yet, check out this quick video we shot while taking no prisoners on our back 40.  Serious fun, and yes, people will actually pay you for it…

The Ammbusher Brush Cutters we feature are superb machines designed precisely for the rugged terrain and peculiar challenges of this specific job. Important features include:

  • Compatibility with a wide range of skid steer loaders having hydraulic flow capacities of anywhere from 13 to 30 gallons per minute
  • The ability to cut individual vegetation up to 7 inches in diameter, making short work of the thickest grass and brush
  • “Interrupters” that aid in the prevention of material wind-up. The interrupters snag and cut material beforeit gets wound up on the spindle shaft. Better to interrupt the material than your job!
  • Fully enclosed blades, so there’s no blade exposure, which protects the skid steer operator as well as bystanders and adjacent property, 
  • The “chain curtain” at the front of the deck lets grass and brush flow under it but keeps debris from being ejected 
  • A dish-shaped configuration protects the cutter from sudden impacts caused by mowing over objects like rocks or larger stumps
  • The machine is designed to shut down quickly once the operator stops hydraulic flow. 

As you can gather from the list of features, this fun work comes with the usual good advice about making sure that safety is a priority.  This is definitely work you want to tackle with machines designed not only to do the work, but to complete the job in a safe manner. Your operator’s safety, and the safety of any people or property nearby is a key consideration in the design of the machines. 

By all means, have fun bringing the whirling blade of justice to those lousy stands of thistle and worse… but do it safely.  Those weeds will be back next year, so you’ll want to be there too!

No need to lose your way in the undergrowth, because Martin Implement has these machines for sale and for rent, and we have great deals for both right now. Give us a call or visit, and we’ll cut a path for you to get the right model for your skid steer.  Of course, we can rent or sell you the Skid Steer too!  So come on down — the brush is on!  

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