Time to Replace Worn Out Skid Steer Tires

Take a look at your skid steer tires.  How are they looking?  Was the winter cruel or kind to them?  Your tires are critical to your machine’s output, and if you’re running on bald tires then you’re not running as efficiently as you should be.  That’s why it might be time to consider a replacement set, and that’s where our parts guys come in.

What’s that? You want the middle one? Just some of our 12×16.5 skid steer tires

Our Orland ParkSouth Elgin and Wauconda stores make sure to have replacement tires on hand because nothing quite slows you down like tire problems.  We keep stacks of 12 ply tires for any skid steer model running on 12×16.5 tires.  They’re thick, they’re tough and they’re a deal – at just $234 a piece they’re as competitive a price as you’ll find, because you know what else slows you down?  Shopping for decent pricing.

We carry different tires on hand for machines besides skid steer loaders as well, so if you’re getting your tractor or mower ready for spring and you’re saying to yourself, ‘boy those tires have seen better days’, give us a call and we’ll get you fixed up!

One thought on “Time to Replace Worn Out Skid Steer Tires

  1. Hi curious if you get many used/bald 12 16.5 tires that still hold air and what you do with them? I work at a racetrack in Rockford and we eat up alot of tires on the pavement. Alot of the places we use the loader is bad pavement that is rough so solid tires dont work well and we do alot of driving it in the grass and the bald tires don’t tear up the grass as much as ones with tread. Most of the tire dealers here sell recaps so they send in the old ones for cores,,, my best is with the bobcat dealer here in town but he only gets so many ones that still hold, It would be well worth the 80 mile trip if you have some worn ones sitting around. Thanks in advance

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