At Martin Implement, We’re Thankful…For You

Thanksgiving Reflections On Service As A Way Of Life
As most of our customers know, Martin Implement is a family business. And we’ve always meant that in the broadest possible way.

…Because our customers are part of our family too.
As we prepare this week for a big Thanksgiving feast and a relaxing & joyful Holiday Season, we wanted to bring our customer-family together, right here on Fully Equipped, and share our gratitude.

Thanks, For All The Love You Have Shown Us!
Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have a great many of you declare your appreciation of Martin Implement in public. Today, we ask everyone to raise a toast to all of the customers who’ve offered comments and kind words in The Martin Implement Customer Spotlight.  We look at these pages (so many!) and honestly, we’re inspired.  Not only by the kind words about Martin Implement employees; but also by the quality of people and companies represented here.

…But Most of All, It’s About: THE WORK
When we look back over the many companies featured in The Martin Implement Customer Spotlight, it’s very gratifying to think about all the work you’ve done — with our equipment and our service-team behind you. So, when you carve your turkey this year, please give yourself a hand: for all the foundations set, loads hauled, ditches dug, trees and brush cleared; for all the parks and schools and playgrounds and rec-centers opened; for the buildings and places for so many people…created, maintained, or completely renewed. The work you do matters a LOT, and we’re sincerely honored to help you do it.

We all go into business for a variety of reasons, some practical, some personal. But we know that all the people in the extended Martin Implement family are committed to making the world a more beautiful, comfortable, and happy place.  We’re fortunate, all of us, to do so much of our work outside, and to transform and shape nature into attractive, usable spaces millions of people can use and enjoy.

That’s why all of us get out of bed every morning (yes, sometimes WAY before everybody else does!) …to get to the jobsite, and every day, leave things better than they were before.

This Thanksgiving, and every day of the year: we want to say THANK YOU! — for the great work you do, and for choosing Martin Implement to help you do it!

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