Tech Tips: Grease Your Mounting Plate

Don’t listen to the doctor – when it comes to your machine, grease is good!  Making sure you lube the moving parts on your skid steer (or backhoe or wheel loader) is extremely important to ensure your machine runs smoothly for the long-haul.

One of the Six Mounting Plate Grease Fittings

Mounting plates in particular see a lot of action so make sure you’re greasing all six fittings.  Most people only grease the bucket cylinders, but you should make sure to give those other areas attention.  The lower hinge point on the mounting plate and the fitting on the side for the tapered attaching pin are two areas that should be inspected regularly.  To check them, just remove any attachment, lift the boom and curl the plate up and down.  If you spot any excessive wear,  remove the through bolt and check the pin itself for wear.  If a worn out pin continues to be used without grease, you’ll probably end up having to replace the boss,  which you can bet costs a lot more than a few tubes of grease.
If you have questions, or prefer to leave this kind of work to the experts, bring your machine into our shop at any of our three Chicagoland locations.  We’re running a $99 inspection right now that includes a thorough check of your machine and a complete greasing.  Call ahead to schedule so you can minimize the time your machine is in the shop.

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