Tech Tips: Go Easy on your Engine this Winter

A little ice can’t stop a New Holland skid steer.

Engines run like we do, which means they don’t like the cold very much.  If you’re starting any engine in the winter months make sure you keep the throttle very low or even at an idle.  Cold oil runs a lot thicker than it does in the summer months so it takes longer for the oil to reach its designated passage or port.  This is especially true of turbocharged engines since the turbo bearings also require lubrication.

So make sure you allow the engine to run for a bit before using the machine this winter.  Once you’re warmed up you should be good to go.  When you’re done for the day, make sure to bring it back down to idle before shutting it off.  This goes for gas and diesel engines alike.  If you work a lot in the cold and are buying a new machine, consider a block heater option.

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