Tech Tip: Equipment Maintenance Tips for Diesel Engines

Picture-067-2New Holland parts & service experts recommend that with diesel engines, you need to pay close attention to the fuel, lube, air filtration and cooling systems.

Maintenance of the fuel system includes cleaning the fuel tank cap/vent and making sure the cap is functioning and venting the way it should. Also looking out for water and sediment in the fuel, assessing the fuel filter, and draining the water as required. The no. 1 cause of fuel injection system failures is fuel contaminated with water. 

Engine oil protects your engine’s vital components. Always stick to the manufacturer’s lubricant and change interval recommendations and use only genuine New Holland oils and filters designed and engineered for that brand of equipment, regardless of equipment age.

Check the air filtration system for openings that could take in unfiltered air, and always use the right replacement filter. Contaminated air bypassing the filter seal is often the cause of premature engine failure.

Flush the cooling system at the intervals your operator’s manual recommends. Check for signs of damage, and use Actifull OT coolant that’s developed to provide full protection for all New Holland equipment, new Tier 4 engines included. Questions? Our parts and service teams are here to help.

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