Mow Down More Mower Deals — at Martin Implement!

Scag’s sexy stand-on beast: the V-Ride. 

The grass is getting greener every day — and there’s still time, though to cut yourself in on really great financing deals on machines from our friends at Kubota and Scag. No matter what size or type of mower you need, we’re going to have what you’re looking for.  And if you’ve been looking to step up to a bigger mower (or sit down on one) now’s definitely the time to spring into action. 

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Amazing Deals, Right Now, for Grasshopper Mowers at Martin Implement!


Give your lawn a scissor’s cut throne of this Grasshopper 725KT 

When you finish up the last row with a Grasshopper Mower, you just might be tempted to top it all off with a hot steamed towel and a splash of cologne. Grasshopper mowers give you that “unmatched, manicured look,” every time.  Before: stubble, uneven growth, bumpy, lumpy, and patchy.  After: your turf is as smooth as Cary Grant’s cheekbones. 

Call us crazy, but right here on the cusp of prime grass-growing season, we’ve got some amazing deals on all the Grasshoppers machines we have in stock:

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Product Spotlight: Kubota ZD1211 Zero Turn Riding Mower (Video)

Our first Product Spotlight of the 2016 mowing season is here. Ready? We’re spotlighting the Kubota ZD1211 Zero Turn Riding Mower. View key Kubota ZD1211 features, followed by a comprehensive walkthrough of the machine:

Head over to our Kubota new equipment page to see our lineup, which includes the Kubota ZD Series mowers along with the rest of our Kubota products! Contact us if you’re interested in a demo or have questions. We’re here to help.

Used Equipment Spotlight: Kubota ZD331 Zero Turn Commercial Mower (Video)

The Used Equipment Spotlight is a recurring segment
where we 
highlight featured items from our used inventory.

Our 2007 Kubota ZD331 zero turn commercial riding mower is available for sale:

For photos and pricing click here

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The Kubota ZP330 Propane Riding Mower (VIDEO)

With Kubota’s For Earth, For Life contest underway (with a chance to win a ZP330 propane rider) we thought we’d take a closer look at the propane powered zero turn mower.  If you’re thinking about making the switch to propane now is as good a time as ever and we’ll be glad to help you make a smart decision when it comes to buying an alternative-fuel mower.  The ZP330 gives you all the benefits of propane without diminished performance which is key.  You’ll get the gold standard in riding mowers, but you’ll also save on fuel costs, and your customers will appreciate an eco-friendly approach to landscaping.  Check out the mower in action:

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Kubota Giving Away a Propane Mower in their For Earth, For Life Contest

ZP330 with LPG Propane Engine

Enter Kubota’s For Earth, For Life Contest and this baby could be yours!

What do you do every day that has a positive impact on the earth and the people around you?  That’s what Kubota wants to know and if you tell them about it on their Facebook contest page you could win a ZP330 propane-powered riding mower.  Those of us in the green industry do things every day that better our surroundings, whether it’s through everyday work or outside opportunities like volunteering or teaching others in the community.  If you’ve got a great story all you have to do is write it up in 200 words or less and upload a picture to go with it.  Kubota will pick a winner this summer and that winner gets to keep a beautiful, eco-friendly rider.  How sweet it is!

For the full contest rules and how to enter head over to Kubota’s contest page.  The contest ends 6/20/14 and the first 2,000 entries will get a free Kubota hat so hurry up and get that entry in! Continue reading

Compare a Kubota Kommander Riding Mower with a Toro Titan (VIDEO)

The Kubota Kommander mower line debuted last year to give homeowners a commercial-grade mower at an entry-level price.  It’s the kind of mower for people who love their lawn and their mower.  It’s got some bells and whistles, sure (and you gotta admit those headlights are pretty cool), but at its core the Kommander is built like a Kubota, which means it’s well-designed, quality-built and has years of dependability behind it. The Toro Titan might be popular, but it just doesn’t measure up to the Kommander when you take a hard look at each machine. Check it out:

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