Product Spotlight: MX5400 and MX6000 MX Series Utility Tractors

How mow can you go? Tame the green stuff (and much more) with the new Kubota MX series tractors.

How do we measure the quality of a tractor? It has to begin with utility — as much of it as possible. The power and grace to go from job to job and knock ‘em over like bowling pins: grading, mowing, golf course maintenance, material handling, farm-duty, construction and even snow removal. For a great utility tractor, variety is what it’s all about.  The new Kubota MX series are designed to do all that work, and keep operators cozy in the meantime. They also keep accountants happy, due to their incredible durability…but more on that in a minute.  First, let’s get under that (one piece metal) hood!

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Shake Yer Kubota! $0 Down, 0% Interest for 84 Months & Deferred Payments

The newest Kubota compact track loader

Construction, tractors, RTV’s, Mowers: if it’s NEW and it’s KUBOTA, we have a deal going for you.

KUBOTA CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT can now be financed at 0% for 60 months or choose instant cash rebates up to $11,000. And yes…this offer includes their SSV series skid steer loaders, SVL series compact track loaders, K, KX and U series excavators & wheel loaders

These KUBOTA machines have it all: they’re agile, versatile, compact, and (as they say) engineered to work both shifts: DAY and NIGHT! After all, up-time is money time….

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New Holland: 0% Financing For 60 Months OR Cash Back Deals

Kick the tires; cover the upcoming work

If you’re considering fleet additions at this time, consider this: new 200 series skid steer and compact track loaders, mini excavators and wheel loaders, yes wheel loaders, from New Holland qualify for 0% for 60 months, OR cash back. The latest 300 series skid steer and compact track loaders, qualify for 0% for 36 months, OR cash back! That means you’re saving on some of the most in-demand equipment we carry! New Holland skid steers are like a multi-tool on the job site, with attachments to help you crank through a huge variety of projects. Versatile, reliable equipment takes on work, and more work means MORE PROFIT for you. 

3 Year Powertrain Protection Plan now included on 200 Series Compact Track Loaders and Skid Steer Loaders

In fact, you can also save on the rest of New Holland’s construction lineup: backhoe loaders and tractor-loaders and are 0% for 48 months; OR you can choose CASH back. Heavy equipment, heavy deals!

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Product Spotlight: New Holland Workmaster 50 Utility Tractor (Video)

Workmaster 50: a stone-cold classic that’s ready to ROAR!

There’s a certain class of machines — jeeps, tanks, jets, and certain race cars come to mind — where the form is totally defined by the function of the vehicle.  And for some reason, those vehicles are just cooler looking than the rest. We’re going to go out on a limb here and add the New Holland Workmaster 50 to this list of very-coolest machines. When you get an eyeful of the smooth contours and simple lines of this tractor, we have a feeling you’re going to want to complete the picture, and put yourself in the driver’s seat.  You’ll want the perfect hat too, of course, but we can’t help ya there…

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Product Spotlight: New Holland T4 110 Tractor: “The Ultimate Farmhand”

THE ULTIMATE FARMHAND? Sorry Mike, not you…the tractor! (New Holland T4 110)

Big BLUE: The New Holland T4 110 Is Ready To Be Your Faithful Steed
Out there in the fields, you want a machine that can do a tremendous variety of jobs, and keep coming back for more. Designed for power and versatility, super-long service intervals (600 hours!), and equipped with a three-point hitch capacity that can “curl” almost three tons (5620 lbs. to be exact), New Holland’s T4 110 might be just the field-hand you’ve been looking for.  Let’s briefly review this beast’s resume: Continue reading

Used Equipment Spotlight: 2017 New Holland T4.110 Tractor

The Used Equipment Spotlight is a recurring segment where we
highlight featured items from our used inventory.

Check out our New Holland T4.110 tractor available for sale:

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Rent It: Bush Hog Flex-Wing Mower and Tractor Combo

The Bush Hog model 2815 flex-wing rotary cutter has features that give you max performance and durability on those heavy-duty jobs. Our customers find it ideal for roadside cutting, pasture maintenance and more. It’s rated to cut 4″ diameter material and operates on a minimum of a 60 PTO hp tractor. They like that the center section blades align with the center wheels to closely cut out the bottom of ditches. And that the center section skids’ inside and outside edges are turned up at 45 degrees, so they don’t dig into the turf when turning. Continue reading

Used Equipment Spotlight: 2014 New Holland Boomer 47 Tractor Loader

The Used Equipment Spotlight is a recurring segment where we
highlight featured items from our used inventory.

Check out our 2014 New Holland Boomer 47 tractor loader, available for sale:

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Product Spotlight: Kubota MX5200 Utility Tractor (Video)

Kubota MX5200: lord of the realm!

When you need a utility tractor that can tackle a variety of worksite conditions, consider the Kubota MX5200 Series. Upgrades have been made to four distinct ‘realms’ of performance, so these tractors are able to handle a host of challenging applications. 

The MX5200 utility tractors feature 54.7 horsepower engines —big power and a great value for this tractor size. Gear-drive models come in either 2WD or 4WD. New MX Series hydrostatic transmissions (HST) are available in 4WD… these offer increased pedal responsiveness and decreased pedal pressure.  See that you use that power wisely! 

The improved HST transmission means better control and smoother performance, regardless of load size. And HST reduces shock, vibration, and fatigue — for greater tractor performance and enhanced operator comfort. Upgrades to the engine include environmental improvements too. The Common Rail System (CRS) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) comply with recent EPA Tier 4 regs, to assure a clean machine. No doubt, cleaner emissions and better fuel economy are a big win for all realms!

It’s easy to get to work (and to keep working) when you’re more comfortable. Which is why you’ll enjoy the Kubota MX5200’s operator appointments. First, it’s roomy: with a full 30” between fenders. The deck is easy to mount, and hanging pedals offer optimal legroom. Of course, it also has the all-important cup-holder, to make sure your cool (or hot) beverage is always within easy reach. The new high-back suspension seat offers more comfort, especially on those long days in the field or on the job site. The dash panel has also been redesigned, with large gauges and a well-lit LCD panel that’s easy to see — even at night.

Getting from work site to work site has never been easier either. Both the 2WD and 4WD models are equipped with smoother, hydrostatic power steering for easy turns. Combined with the MX5200’s excellent turning radius, maneuvering in tight spots is a cinch. And the HST models have the brake pedals on the left side — easy to handle, and it will help you make smoother turns. The new PTO switch is also much easier to use, too. It’s conveniently positioned on the right-side console. Simply push and turn to start —and just one push will stop the PTO. When you need extra power, you can throttle up easily with the handy lever next to the steering wheel.

General use and access has also been upgraded on the Kubota MX5200 utility tractors. New halogen headlights offer more power and much better visibility. And the hood is newly designed —it has a sleek-looking, slanted shape; strong, one-piece steel construction; and offers easy, full-opening with hydraulic dampers. Routine service access is faster and more efficient. Access improvements also include an easier-to-reach radiator screen, air filter, battery, and coolant recovery tray —making these maintenance tasks a breeze. The new fuel tank is larger too: 13.5-gallon capacity means fewer fill-ups and longer running time.

Altogether, the upgrades to the Kubota MX5200 Series create an exceptional utility tractor for a wide variety of jobs. If you want to add a front loader — the Kubota LA1065 is performance matched to this model.  Skid steer style attachments will fit to give you a do-all machine that will take you into whole new realms of versatility and efficiency. 

Here’s our video, which gives you a nice overview of the new design. If you’ve got any questions, or want to hear more about these tractors, please give us a call or stop by one of our Martin Implement realms….uh…locations

Product Spotlight: Kubota BX23S Compact Tractor

Smaller than a full-size tractor and easier to operate, the sub-compact BX80 Series has the power and versatility you need to take on those gardening, landscaping, and property maintenance jobs. And the BX23S we’re spotlighting comes equipped with Kubota’s Swift-Connect Backhoe for all those digging jobs around the house and yard.

You can view or download the BX23S brochure here or view the rest of our Kubota equipment here: Questions on our Kubota lineup? Our equipment experts are here to help.