Product Spotlight: Kubota SVL Series Compact Track Loaders

The SVL65-2 is READY for the family throw-down!

Three brothers, SVL95-2s (the big one), SVL75-2 (the middle one), and the SVL65-2 (the little one: with enough attitude to keep it interesting when the in-family competition gets heated)!  All three of these Kubota SVL’s also lives up to the family name, and they’re all truly compact and powerful loaders. 

All three will also keep you comfortable and productive, as they’ll get you in and out of just about any work location you can dream of.  With a broad variety of attachments, an SVL can also be your go to utility-player: grapples, hammers, snow blowers, rotary cutters, graders, tillers, tree-pullers and more. The combination of power, maneuverability, versatility, and operator comfort is exceptional.

We’re carrying Kubota’s latest addition to this line, the SVL 65-2.  It’s their lightest and most maneuverable compact track loader yet. Shines in tight spaces, and its lighter weight and smaller footprint mean less soil compaction on the jobsite. It’s also a better fit if you have a smaller trailer. Compact yes, but it’s a versatile, efficient choice with high-flow and no DEF required: just perfect for landscapers, rental yards, and small contractors. 

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Product Spotlight: Kubota BB30 Series Grading Box with Trimble Laser

Lasers? We’re in! Kubota BB30 grading box with Trimble Laser assembly.

Some technologies are so good, it’s almost like cheating. The Kubota BB30 series grading boxes, paired with the optional 82″ Mast Assembly, and two Trimble Spectra Precision Lasers, is a perfect candidate for the speed-worker’s hall of fame. Instead of leveling and shooting the grade, then leveling some more (and shooting the grade again) you’re leveling and measuring at the same time. Check out our video of this super-smart assembly set up on a Kubota SLV95-2s.

Though we’re featuring the precision capability of these graders with the Spectra Laser System, you should also know that the Kubota BB30 line are outstanding all-purpose grading machines. The bonus with these graders is the flexibility to work with laser precision whenever you really need it.  

Strong, versatile, and oh so smoove.

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Just In: Kubota SVL Series Compact Track Loader Model SVL95-2s (Video)

Recently we said hello to our first shipment of SVL95-2s model Kubota compact track loaders, the newest in the Kubota compact track loader lineup. SVL95-2s machines are powered by a dependable and durable Kubota engine.

Top features are:

  • Rugged loader arm design with long reach and high bucket hinge pin placed for maximum height clearance
  • Roomy wide cab
  • Easy access for maintenance checks and greasing
  • Standard two-speed travel

Essential SVL95-2s specs:

  • 96.4 engine gross horsepower Kubota engine
  • 3200 lbs. rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load)
  • 7961 lb. bucket breakout force
  • 11299 lb. operating weight
  • High-flow hydraulics

View the comprehensive SVL Series brochure here. We took the SVL95-2s out for you to see:

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