More Ways To Save Now on New Holland Sectional Snow Pushers!

Hot damn, now that’s a Snow Pusher man!

The whole idea of the sectional snow pusher is THOROUGHNESS, so we’re going to repeat that offer: save $500 on a New Holland Sectional Snow Pusher PLUS 0% financing on your Productivity Plus account for 120 Days. Quantity discounts are available on a purchase of 3 or more pushers; take an additional $300 off each one.

But here’s the great thing about sectional snow pushers: you won’t have to do any repeat work out in the driving snow!  They’re called sectional snow pushers because they’re composed of a series of individual moldboard sections. Each moldboard section is independent of all the others, allowing the individual sections to shift up and down and respond to uneven surfaces. That way, one pass often does the trick, even on surfaces that don’t normally cooperate. 

Sheer genius, if you ask us.

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Must Be The Season of the Wolf: SnowWolf At Martin Implement!

Winter taketh, and giveth, plentifully…IF you’re fully equipped with SnowWolf!

One of the things we love most about SnowWolf is the tireless innovation they bring to their specialty. Their full line of equipment is all designed to do one thing, and do it incredibly well: MOVE SNOW OUTTA THE WAY! And when you’re a member of the pack that gets up wayyy before the light of dawn — so everybody else in town can get where they’re going — you must have equipment that works reliably, and fast. With SnowWolf, you have several great options that help you keep your blade or pusher on the ground, moving the white stuff!  

Another huge benefit of SnowWolf equipment is VERSATILITY. Whether you’re running with a tractor, skid steer, backhoe, or a compact or full-size wheel loader, SnowWolf has the blades, pushers, wings, edges, and tires you’ll need make the job go smooth as a fresh 4″ coat of Aspen powder.  We put together a great little highlight video for you of some of our favorites machine and blade combos, and you can check it out right here! 

Now let’s take a quick overview of the current SnowWolf lineup here at Martin Implement:

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New Holland Skid Steers on Snow Central Lease!

Not a sleigh! It’s a Snow Central New Holland skid steer, MAKING BANK.

The New Holland Snow Central Lease is a plow-to-pay lease deal you just can’t beat. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of using a skid steer for snow removal, well, here’s a chance to find out just how quickly you can spin through a parking lot — even one full of light poles and islands — and leave it smooth as a baby’s bum.  The best skid steer operators sometimes seem like they’re able to do it in one long, continuous pass. It’s a thing o’ beauty! 

The New Holland Lease program is designed expressly to let you work throughout the snow plowing season, and also use the equipment all year, but you’ll only make payments when you’re making bank(s) in the snow. Sorry, but yeah: pun intended! 

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High Capacity Snow Buckets

Skid steer loader with New Holland 96 inch snow bucketWhat’s your favorite way to move snow? Are you a fan of blades? Pushers? Just a plain old loader bucket? How many of you have tried out a high-capacity snow bucket? We’ve got 96 inch and 108 inch heavy-duty snow buckets that are ready for action on a large skid steer or compact wheel loader! We’re talking about a 2.36 cubic yard heaped capacity bucket that fits onto almost any standard skid steer mounting plate: 2.67 cubic yards heaped capacity for the 108 inch bucket. Add these to your snow fleet and you’re in business! Just look at the difference between a hi-cap bucket and a standard loader bucket: Continue reading

The SnowWolf Snow Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Getting into commercial snow plowing this year? Here’s your guide to some of SnowWolf’s line of snow plows and accessories. Click the links for more info on each product:

SnowWolf UltraPushers

This snow pusher is an affordable, efficient attachment for skid steers that comes with a two year warranty. A tight moldboard curvature rolls snow, so it takes less horsepower and traction to move more snow. It hosts a 1.5″ thick premium rubber edge to protect the machine and operator from jolts. It also comes standard with a universal skid steer mount. It is available in both 8′ and 10′ widths.

SnowWolf Alpha Pushers

Alpha snow pushers are built for large front end loaders, and are designed to handle a heavy snow load. The tight moldboard curvature keeps the snow moving in front of your machine so you can plow more efficiently with less horsepower. The premium rubber edge and high strength wear shoes increase the life of your snow pusher, and the bucket mount supports let you apply critical strength where you need it most. Alpha snow pushers come in 12′, 14′ and 16′ widths.
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Used Equipment Spotlight: 2000 Kubota L3010D Tractor Loader (Video)

We’re spotlighting for you this clean, low-hour for its year 2000 Kubota L3010D tractor loader, equipped with snow attachments. It’s our Used Equipment Spotlight, a recurring segment in our blog where we highlight featured items for sale from our fleet of used inventory:

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Get the Edge: Poly vs. Steel Cutting Edges

Poly cutting edge: can be used on almost any snow plow in the market.

Steel or poly edge: which one you got? They each have advantages, but when the cards are down it’s hard to argue against a poly edge. We want you to know that we’ve got what some customers call the best cutting edge around. That might sound like a small thing to brag about, but if you’re in the snow plowing biz your cutting edge is where your money meets the road. A little extra cash spent on a cutting edge can go a long way towards a better plowing experience. Continue reading

Rent It: Kubota RTV1100 with Snow Blade

Kubota RTV100 with snow plow

Want to see more? Check out this machine in action HERE

Having trouble getting your hands on a good snow equipment rental?  You’re not alone.  The repeated winter storms have put a premium on skid steers, wheel loaders and utility vehicles so finding a quality machine is hard to do these days.  Lucky for you we have a Kubota RTV1100 that just became available for rent!

The RTV1100 is the perfect size for certain jobs.  Cities, schools and park districts love these machines, but just about anyone can find a use for it.  It seems like everyone who uses an RTV comes away from it with good things to say – they’re easy to use and built to take a beating.  The six foot blade we have on the unit is the perfect size for a utility vehicle and it’s controlled from the cab and features hydraulic angling and a rubber deflector that keeps that snow down.

This RTV can be rented by the day, week or month so give our rental team a call at any of our locations!  Visit the utility vehicle section of our rental page for current rental rates. Continue reading

Rent It: Horst Extendable Snow Wing Blade

New Holland T4050 tractor with Horst extendable snow blade

Rent a blade and tractor combo at daily, weekly or monthly rates

The snow keeps piling up, there’s more on the way and all your machines are out in the field.  Sound familiar?  There’s a simple, cost-effective solution to that problem: renting.  Give your snow fleet a temporary boost by renting our Horst extendable snow wing blade.  It’s a unique snow attachment we carry that has the ability to hydraulically extend from 9 feet to 14 feet wide (keyword: hydraulically – meaning you don’t have to leave the cab).  The wings have 180 degrees of swing, allowing you to switch between a blade and a pusher, creating versatility that helps in commercial applications like parking lots.  A 30 inch moldboard and 35 degree angling in both directions gives you great pushing ability and lets you windrow snow helping you plow more efficiently.

Rent it with our New Holland T4050 tractor for the complete package.  For our rental rates, call us or visit our website.  The Horst blade rates can be found under specialized equipment and the T4050 under tractors.  Book your rental today and be ready the next time snow hits. Continue reading

Bargains on Used Skid Steers and Snow Removal Equipment

Ed. Note: We’ve sold off most of our bargain skid steer loaders, but you can check our full inventory of used skids over on our website HERE.

Looking for a deal on snow removal equipment?  You might want to check out our selection of used snow plows and snow blowers.  If buying new isn’t important to you then these units can be a smart purchase.  Buying used from a trusted dealer is a great way to save money so take a look at what we’ve got in stock (click each unit for pricing and extra photos):

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