5 Key Review Platforms for Landscape Businesses

Positive online reviews are vital for landscape businesses, as they are for any small business. Why? Recent stats indicate people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from someone they know, and reviews can impact the trust of possible new customers that intend to buy. There’s a guide that’ll go over the top 5 review sites you’ll want to consider if you’re in the landscaping industry and bonus: tips on how to succeed leveraging the platform. Earning positive reviews in the right places can bring customers your way, so you’ll want check out this guide.

Tips to Avoid a Sales Tax Audit

calculator-1276066_1920Small business owners prick up their ears when they hear the word taxes. Sales taxes are often a source of alarm, especially in today’s environment of digital commerce, and associated regulations.

However you track your sales tax obligations, if you don’t fully comply with the latest regulations in the regions that apply to you, you could leave your business open to an audit. How can your business avoid a sales tax audit notice or minimize any panic if you should receive one? Here are some pointers:

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Keep Customers Coming Back for More with This One Thing

No matter what industry your small business is in, there’s one thing that still continues to keep your customers coming back: service; it’s like a secret weapon. Quality products/services and the customer service provided are two key factors that influence repeat purchases.

In their article on stellar service, Manta suggests you consider making some simple tweaks to keep up with and improve customer service in the following areas: Continue reading

Dealing with a Prickly Customer? Win Them Over with These Tips

People love small businesses because they can provide personalized service. But say a customer comes in with a mile long list of demands. It’s more common that not for an off the wall request to stretch the boundaries of the business owner-customer relationship. When demands that are pushing it are made, consider these tips: Continue reading

Tips To Grow Your Online Presence

You’ve probably used what’s called a “near me” search to find products or services nearby you (i.e. trails and paths near me, craft beer near me or roof repairs near me). According to GeoMarketing, mobile device searches using the phrase “near me” have shot up almost 150% year over year. How can your small business leverage this trend if someone in your neighborhood is looking for a business or service like yours? According to the small business online resource site Manta, you’re more likely found if your small business is: Continue reading

Small Business Tips (and Why We Fail)

Martin Implement’s original storefront

An article ran on the Chamber of Commerce website last month that really caught our eye.  It’s titled Why Small Businesses Really Fail, and it identifies a few key areas that small business struggle with and also tackles a few common myths about entrepreneurship. Continue reading