New Holland Skid Steers on Snow Central Lease!

Not a sleigh! It’s a Snow Central New Holland skid steer, MAKING BANK.

The New Holland Snow Central Lease is a plow-to-pay lease deal you just can’t beat. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of using a skid steer for snow removal, well, here’s a chance to find out just how quickly you can spin through a parking lot — even one full of light poles and islands — and leave it smooth as a baby’s bum.  The best skid steer operators sometimes seem like they’re able to do it in one long, continuous pass. It’s a thing o’ beauty! 

The New Holland Lease program is designed expressly to let you work throughout the snow plowing season, and also use the equipment all year, but you’ll only make payments when you’re making bank(s) in the snow. Sorry, but yeah: pun intended! 

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Winter is Coming: Seasonal Rentals at Martin Implement are Here!

There goes the sun…and we say…it’s all right!

Aye…but our season in the sun is almost over.  And truth be told, “pumpkin spice” time will be gone before you know it too! So now is definitely the time to start looking at options for beefing up your winter-weather fleet. The Martin implement Rental Team has several great machines and accessories for you to consider with SEASONAL rental options.

Glad you asked!  We offer great rates, and the base rates assume a minimum of a 4 month rental. There’s a maximum usage of 50 hours per month, and that amount can carryover month to month.  Use in excess of the allotted 50 hours per month is billed per hour. And if you have big plans for the winter, we have even bigger savings: the seasonal deal is even sweeter on 5 units or more.

Our base package is a New Holland L220 or Kubota SSV65 skid steer with heated cab, low-profile bucket, and WolfPaw high traction tires. 

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Just In: New Holland L228 Skid Steers

New L228 Skid Steers have arrived! Come see the 2015 L228 here or if you’re going to the SIMA show, check it out at the New Holland booth, we’ll be there.

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Lease a New Holland Skid Steer with a Custom Snow Central Lease

Lease a Skid Steer with New Holland Snow Central Leases

Pay when you plow with New Holland Snow Central Leases

Too soon to think about snow?  Think again!  Planning your equipment purchases now will help you forecast costs and give you a better bottom line projection for the snow season.  On top of that, you can take advantage of our Snow Central Leases, which are perfectly customized to fit a snow contractor’s revenue cycle. Continue reading

Winter Rental Returns: Low Hour Skid Steers Available (VIDEO)

Light Winter = Low Hours

Simple math, right?  We just had one of the mildest winters in recent memory and because of that our current winter rental fleet looks almost brand new.  We’ve got late-model units that came back with under 100 hours!  We’ve rarely seen an opportunity like this so we thought we’d get the word out.  If you can get a new unit at a used price, why wouldn’t you?  Low-APR financing is even available for some units! Continue reading

Customer Spotlight: Hanson Landscape

Hanson LandscapingSuperior Equipment
“We started using skid steers back in 1996 when I started in the landscape and construction industry. I’ve had the luxury of running just about every name brand skid steer on the market, but New Holland is the one we’ve always gone back to. For our industry you cannot beat New Holland skid steers. Continue reading