Rental Special: 10% Off on FINN Hydroseeder Rental (with Materials Purchase)!

What’s more fun than pressure washing? HYDROSEEDING with a FINN!

The nights are getting cooler, and soon some of those big summer-time construction projects will be winding down and making the last lunge across the finish line, so it’s time for spruce up!  Just one last push for Old Sol and Mr. Cloud and their magic dance, so I=in the natural order of things, this means it’s the perfect time to rent a FINN Hydroseeder. With a FINN Consumables purchase, you’ll save 10% on rental of a FINN Hydroseeder! This deal runs from September through October 31, 2020.  

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FINN Promo: Up to $8000 OFF a Large Capacity HydroSeeder Purchase!

A hydroseeder shoots seed and fertilizers over broad spaces. It’s known to be more efficient than other methods of establishing turf or controlling erosion. As a part of their 80th anniversary festivities, FINN is kicking off their biggest promo EVER, which is up to $8000 OFF the purchase of a FINN large capacity hydroseeder! Continue reading

Rent It: FINN T120 Hydroseeder

Finn Corporation T120T Hydroseeder

We’re going BIGGER with the T120 hydroseeder from Finn

If you’ve been tuning into this blog over the years you’ve noticed that we’re a big fan of Finn hydroseeders.  Finn has made hydroseeders longer than anyone in the business (since 1953 to be exact) and the advantages of hydroseeding outweigh just about every benefit of straw blankets or hand seeding.

We’ve had T75 and T90 seeders in our fleet for a long time, but now we’re upping our game with the T120, which is perfect for larger commercial seed installation and erosion control. Continue reading

Rent It: Bluebird S22 Slit Seeder

Bluebird model S22 slit seeder

Rent the Bluebird seeder this fall at low daily, weekly or monthly rates

Think it’s too soon to be thinking about seeding?  We don’t think so.  Having a lawn care plan for the fall will go a long way towards ensuring your grass stays healthy through the cold months and comes up looking great next spring.  Whether your plan includes aerating, drop seeding or slit seeding, we’ve got seeders for rent that’ll help you get the job done as efficiently as possible. Continue reading

Rent It: 3-Point Seeders

Late Summer / early Fall is the best time of year to overseed your lawn.  It’s a time when the heat cools off, but the soil is still warm enough to encourage seed germination.  Take a look at your lawn – is it looking as full as you’d like it to?  Not everyone needs to overseed, as we discussed in our article on the finer points of overseeding.  In fact, you may only need to overseed your lawn once every few years.  With this extra-hot Summer, though, more and more people are looking to give their lawn a little extra care. Continue reading

A How-To (and Why) on Overseeding

Is your lawn this full?
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How’s your lawn looking these days?  It seems like the answer for a lot of us is “not so good”.  We’ve had some rain lately, but the drought that struck the Midwest this summer took a lasting toll on a lot of grass in the area.  The dying or dead lawns you may be coming across serve as a reminder that your lawn is a living thing that needs to be revitalized from time to time.  Watering and fertilizer help, but every few years or so you should seriously consider re-seeding your lawn.

Overseeding is a simple process that’s often overlooked.  Grass wears out over time, just like the rest of us, and it needs some extra care as it ages.  With a few simple steps, seeding can help you regain a dense, healthy lawn that looks like new.  So where do you start? Continue reading