Tech Tip: Equipment Maintenance Tips for Diesel Engines

Picture-067-2New Holland parts & service experts recommend that with diesel engines, you need to pay close attention to the fuel, lube, air filtration and cooling systems.

Maintenance of the fuel system includes cleaning the fuel tank cap/vent and making sure the cap is functioning and venting the way it should. Also looking out for water and sediment in the fuel, assessing the fuel filter, and draining the water as required. The no. 1 cause of fuel injection system failures is fuel contaminated with water.  Continue reading

CNH Industrial REMAN Parts from New Holland

Did you know that, in addition to genuine New Holland parts, we also carry CNH Industrial REMAN parts from New Holland? CNH Industrial REMAN parts from New Holland are remanufactured from their core to their original, like-new condition. They cost less than new parts, and come ready to install. Want to know more?

We get our remanufactured parts from CNH, which means they’re built by the same people who make your New Holland machines. These parts are different than aftermarket or re-used parts, these pumps, starters and engines are rebuilt using new parts. PLUS, most items come with a 12 month warranty (just to put you even more at ease).

What’s the best part about REMAN, though? They’re cheaper than new parts, and you’re not sacrificing quality! Let’s review: REMAN parts are like new, they come with one of the best parts warranties in the industry, AND they’re less expensive. So what’s not to like?

We sell REMAN engines, EIC boards, hydraulic pumps, axles, fuel pumps, starters, injection pumps and injectors and more. To order a REMAN part give our Parts Department a call at any of our stores.