Mow Down More Mower Deals — at Martin Implement!

Scag’s sexy stand-on beast: the V-Ride. 

The grass is getting greener every day — and there’s still time, though to cut yourself in on really great financing deals on machines from our friends at Kubota and Scag. No matter what size or type of mower you need, we’re going to have what you’re looking for.  And if you’ve been looking to step up to a bigger mower (or sit down on one) now’s definitely the time to spring into action. 

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Product Spotlight: The Alamo TRAXX™RF (VIDEO)

Do you want to mow safer, faster and smarter than before on jobs that used to be considered dangerous and labor or time intensive? You have to see this product in action: the TRAXX™RF from Alamo Industrial. It’s a remote-control slope mower for safe mowing that’s nothing like you’ve ever seen. Check out some video that we shot of it in action:

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Mow into Fall with one of Kubota’s Newest Mowers at 0% down, 0% A.P.R. for 48 months

Kubota Z725 commercial riding mower

A Kubota Z700 Series Zero Turn Mower in the Field © Kubotalink.

Kubota’s newest Z700 mowers have been money makers for our customers out in the field since they came out. They’ll continue to be now, because there’s still mowing to be had. With the Kubota Gear Up and Go offers, on right now through the end of October, you can get 0% down, 0% A.P.R. for 48 months with no payments for 6 months and $1000 off the MSRP price!

One reason these zero turn mowers have been so popular is the feature lineup, which includes features that focus on operator comfort. These are rugged American made commercial mowers that can handle a hard days work without going hard on the operator. To see these mowers in person or for details on the offer, give us a call and we’ll be glad to put you in the operator’s seat.

Fall Lawn Care Tips: Aerating, Seeding and Top Dressing

© Sumos | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

It might sound crazy to be thinking about cold weather in early August, but getting your fall lawn care planned out now means you can sit back and relax when the leaves turn and football is on the TV. You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to aerating and re-seeding your lawn, so we thought we’d try and help you decide which is best for you.

Late August and early September are the best times of the year to aerate and re-seed your lawn because the temperature is just right and the moisture level is perfect for seed germination.  If you do a little prep now, your grass is going to thank you later by coming back green and healthy next spring.

There are three common things that you can do to get your lawn in top shape right now: aeration, overseeding and top-dressing.  Each method  has its own benefits and when they’re combined the results are top-notch. Continue reading

Aged Kubota Riding Mowers on Sale This Season

The early bird gets the worm, but sometimes it pays to wait!  If you haven’t finalized your mower purchases for the upcoming season you can take advantage of our Kubota Z300 riding mower inventory we carried over from previous seasons.  These mowers have never been used and we’ve got them at discounted pricing so they’re a great find for smart buyers.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Z300s or you just want a closer look at one, let Steve Martin take you through the finer points in our video:

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Just In: Kubota Z700 Series Riding Mowers

Kubota Z700 Series Riding Mower

Say hello to the new 700 Series from Kubota © Kubota Tractor Corporation

We just got in a couple of brand new Z700 mowers from Kubota and we’re excited to get them out in the field this season. They’re brand new to the market and have a whole slew of new features all designed to maximize the operator experience. They still have all the hallmarks of Kubota mowers: smooth and stable operation, quality-built mower decks, easy maintenance – but they’ve expanded the amenities to include things like a deck height adjustment dial, wider operator platform, tool box and an easy-to-read, ergonomic instrument panel. It’s a commercial mower that can handle a hard days work without going hard on your operator. Continue reading

Rent It: 3-Point Seeders

Late Summer / early Fall is the best time of year to overseed your lawn.  It’s a time when the heat cools off, but the soil is still warm enough to encourage seed germination.  Take a look at your lawn – is it looking as full as you’d like it to?  Not everyone needs to overseed, as we discussed in our article on the finer points of overseeding.  In fact, you may only need to overseed your lawn once every few years.  With this extra-hot Summer, though, more and more people are looking to give their lawn a little extra care. Continue reading

ECHO’s BRD-280 Bed Redefiner (VIDEO)

Check out ECHO’s BRD-280, a major time-saver when it comes to keeping the edges of your bed looking sharp and professional.  This thing gets the job done 7 times faster than a shovel!  Get your hands on this tool and start saving time and energy this Fall.  It’s time to skip the shovel!