Product Spotlight: New Holland 200 Series Skid Steer Loaders

Get over it!  No problem with a New Holland 200 Series Skid Loader

REACH FOR IT! We have a wide variety of 200 Series New Holland Skid Steer Loaders here at Martin Implement.  So, if you’re taking notes, get your pencil ready! …We have the L213, L216, L218, L220, L221, L228, L230 and, finally, the top o’ the line L234. These machines range from 46 horsepower with a max hinge-pin height of 112” (the L213); to 84 hp and a max height of 131.1” (the L234).  

What they all have in common is an amazing combination of reach, power, comfort, and versatility.

The smartly-designed geometry of the New Holland SUPER BOOM® vertical lift linkage enables featured 200 Series Skid Steers to load material right smack in the center of the truck bed. The bucket pivot point is also very close to the machine’s center of gravity, which complements the great reach with outstanding stability. 

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