Rent It: The Toro MB1600 Mud Buggy

More than a wheelbarrow: the Toro MB1600 Mud Buggy

Over the past year Toro has been expanding their product line to include some really innovative and unique products.  In recent months we’ve seen the release of the stand-on aerator and the STX-38 stump grinder, two units that have gotten a lot of attention.  Now we’ve got our hands on Toro’s newest addition, the MB1600 mud buggy. Continue reading

Filtration Socks vs. Silt Fencing

Job site erosion control is an important aspect of construction projects that some contractors don’t give a second thought to.  For many, the way it’s always been done is the way they’ll always do it.  That way of thinking can cost you in the long run if you’re not careful.  Nowadays there are an increasing number of options available, and with groups like the EPA weighing in on new technologies, it’s time to take a closer look at what will work best for you.  To start, ask yourself a few simple questions:

How big is my job site?  Are there environmental restrictions I need to worry about?

What’s important to me?  Cost?  Easy-to-install and maintain?  Environmental impact?

Your answer to these questions will help inform your decision when it comes to choosing the right method.  Below, we’ve taken some time to shed more light on two methods, silt fencing and filtration socks. Continue reading