Product Spotlight: Hyundai HX145LCR Excavator With Pavement Friendly Rubber Track Pads!


Please welcome the Hyundai HX145LCR to our latest Martin Implement Product Spotlight…lots to love here.  Let’s take a quick tour:

FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY: This HX145LCR in our video comes equipped with RUBBER PADS on its steel tracks (an option), allowing you to cross highways, sidewalks, and parking lots without damaging these surfaces — or your machine. You can creep in and out, dig deep (19 feet, 8 inches!), swing tight (compact radius) — all while cranking MP3’s on the hands-free Bluetooth sound system.

Seriously, it’s like something James Bond would drive. (…In the final scene, sure.) Want to see more of this machine HX145 in action? Continue reading

Product Spotlight: The Hyundai HX160L Excavator

The Hyundai HX 160L: 41,513 pounds of boot-scootin power and finesse!

The design philosophy for this Hyundai is maximum output with minimum effort. Both the machine and the operator are able to get more done, with less fuel and less fatigue. It’s a perfect recipe for daily & long-term productivity. The new HX160L is a great example from Hyundai’s latest, HX series excavators, which feature major advances in power, efficiency, safety, and comfort. Let’s take a closer look at all of these key features… 

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Winter is Coming: Seasonal Rentals at Martin Implement are Here!

There goes the sun…and we say…it’s all right!

Aye…but our season in the sun is almost over.  And truth be told, “pumpkin spice” time will be gone before you know it too! So now is definitely the time to start looking at options for beefing up your winter-weather fleet. The Martin implement Rental Team has several great machines and accessories for you to consider with SEASONAL rental options.

Glad you asked!  We offer great rates, and the base rates assume a minimum of a 4 month rental. There’s a maximum usage of 50 hours per month, and that amount can carryover month to month.  Use in excess of the allotted 50 hours per month is billed per hour. And if you have big plans for the winter, we have even bigger savings: the seasonal deal is even sweeter on 5 units or more.

Our base package is a New Holland L220 or Kubota SSV65 skid steer with heated cab, low-profile bucket, and WolfPaw high traction tires. 

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Product Spotlight: Hyundai Single Drum Compaction Rollers

No, Hyundai rollers CAN’T really do the 1/4 mile in 8 seconds …They just look like it!

When you need to level a large surface: gravel, pea-gravel, asphalt, soil, mixed surfaces — or any other compact-able material, a Hyundai Single Drum Roller is the perfect machine for the job.  Hyundai’s Single Drum Rollers are great for the kinds of small to medium sized projects you’ll do most frequently: driveways, parking lots, building foundations, playground surfaces.  …Really any project where maneuverability and compacting power are both important.  Take a moment to watch our video demonstrating the Hyundai HR70C-9 and HR120C-9 Compaction Rollers. Too much fun to leave to the road builders!

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Put A Hyundai To Work! 8 Days A Week Rental Deal for Hyundai Wheel Loaders!

Got material? The Hyundai 965 Wheel Loader will git after it!

Starting May 1st and running through July 30, 2019, when you rent a Hyundai wheel loader from Martin Implement for a week, you’ll get an extra day free. One free day for soil moving, gravel dumping, rock redistribution, or anything else you need major muscle for.

PUT THE LOAD RIGHT ON ME…We have these great Hyundais in our wheel loader Rental Fleet:

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Product Spotlight: Hyundai R160LC-9A Excavator (Video)

The first Product Spotlight of 2016 is here. Ready? It’s the Hyundai R160LC-9A excavator. These machines are known for their strength and efficiency in completing tough projects. This Hyundai R160LC-9A is shown on a pipeline project in the Chicagoland area.

Key Features: Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Hyundai R220LC-9A Excavator

With its 9 series full-size excavators, Hyundai combines strength and technology into smart, efficient machines. Modern hydraulic technologies provide control and a smooth operation. Hyundai’s exclusive Hi-Mate fleet monitoring system allows you to access machine data from any computer, keeping you up-to-date on location, performance and maintenance needs. Couple that with Hyundai’s industry-leading warranty, and you’ve got a powerful machine that’ll spend its time making money completing projects, not sitting idle in the shop.

The rest of the Hyundai lineup is here. Questions on the excavator or on any of our Hyundai equipment? Were here to help. Continue reading

Track, Trace and Monitor your Fleet with Hyundai Hi-Mate

Hyundai Excavator Cab

Hi-Mate puts the fleet manager in the cab of the machine from anywhere.

Hyundai equipment is known in the industry for being tough and wallet friendly. Hyundai is also known for its industry-leading warranty, which is a three-year, 3,000-hour full machine warranty. Throughout this time, you’ll have free access to the Hi-Mate system. Hi-Mate is Hyundai’s exclusive telematics fleet monitoring system, used to track, trace and monitor your fleet. It gives you 24/7 access from anywhere to service and diagnostic information for any Hyundai machine in your fleet. It includes tools to help protect your investment, such as alarm and maintenance notifications, tracking of service intervals, hydraulic and engine oil temperature readings, and pump pressures. Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Hyundai HL757 9A Wheel Loader (Video)

Its back: the Product Spotlight. This time it’s our Hyundai HL757 9A Wheel Loader. With this Hyundai wheel loader, you get the benefits of high-quality construction plus the Hi-mate remote management technology and easy maintenance features that minimize machine downtime and service costs. These machines are known for their power and efficiency in completing tough projects.You’ll be excited to know how budget-friendly they are. We’ve got video of one of ours on a local project.

Contact us if you’re interested in a demo or want to rent one out.

Savings Right Now on New Hyundai R380LC-9A Excavators!


Unique opportunity to add a Hyundai R380LC-9A to your fleet.

We’ve got an opportunity right now to pass along some pretty incredible savings to you on a limited number of new Hyundai R380LC-9A crawler excavators. These machines are known for their strength and efficiency in completing tough projects. Key specs are:

  • Operating Weight – 86200 lb
  • Net Power – 290 hp @1650 rpm
  • Max Dig Depth – 24’8″
  • Bucket Breakout Force – 45190 lbf

They were built in 2012 and 2013, but they’re the current R380LC-9A model, new and never used. Hyundai is making them available to you with awesome discounts. Continue reading