Free Upgrade to a Stainless Steel Tank on Select FINN HydroSeeders!

FINN HydroSeeders efficiently shoot seed and fertilizer over large ample spaces. FINN HydroSeeders are capable of loading, mixing and discharging seed and fertilizer with much less waste than other methods, like sodding or broadcast seeding. The units range from 300 – 4,000 gallon capacities to fit your requirements.

If you’re thinking about adding a FINN HydroSeeder to your bag of tricks, now is an excellent time to take your purchase to the next level. FINN is offering a free upgrade from a carbon steel tank to a stainless steel tank on Titan HT330 or Titan HT400 HydroSeeder larger models. That means you’re getting the corrosion resistance of stainless steel over carbon steel in an option that would cost up to $18,000 (that’s on a Titan HT400) for free. Questions on FINN products or this promo? Give us a call.

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Innovative New Products From FINN: Prepare To Be Blown Away!


The MBX truck mounted material blower

We were lucky enough to get a hands-on view of some great new machines from FINN, so we wanted to take a moment to tell you all about them and give you some links and sources for even more information. Martin Implement is ready to take your order for any of these machines! FINN has been the quality leader in the material blowing and seeding space for some time, so when they come out with designs that offer innovative new features, it’s big news. Let’s break it down for you…

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Ask The Experts: FINN Hydroseeder Basic Operations (Video)

Ask the Experts is a recurring segment where we share expert advice from our professional staff. In our latest Ask the Experts segment, we go over FINN Hydroseeder operational controls:

  • Basic Operational Controls
  • Machine Process Flow
  • Material Mixing Process Flow
  • Material Application Process Flow

Huge Rebates on FINN Hydroseeders!

From now until September 30th take advantage of HUGE rebates on hydroseeders

FINN just announced rebates on four of its most popular hydroseeder models, which means from now until September 30, 2013 you can get up to $2,000 OFF a new hydroseeder!*

The offer extends to the T60, T75, T90 and T120 models, which are the most popular models that we sell.  These units have a capacity of 600 gallons (for the T60) all the way up to 1,180 gallons on the T120.  That gives you options, so whether you’re working on small residential projects or larger jobs like roadside erosion control you can get the machine you need now at a really great price.

If you’re still not sure whether a hydroseeder is the right choice for your fleet, check out this video of our friends at Lewis University, who saved time, money and a lot of stress by renting a T75 hydroseeder for a recent project:

*Available rebates: $1,000 off on T60, $1,500 off on T75, $2,000 off on T90 & T120 models

FINN Consumables Quick Reference Guide

FINN offers a wide range of additives to help you grow the perfect lawn

Sometimes landscapers have to play the part of chemist when it comes to growing green lawns.  Growing new grass from seed on a job site requires a lot of knowledge about soil conditions, external conditions, temperature, water level and more.  That’s why we’ve made a simple cheat sheet listing all the different hydromulch additives FINN has to offer.  If you plan on hydroseeding this spring, this is required reading.  FINN makes additives to combat almost any environmental condition so learning about this stuff will give you a serious leg up on Mother Nature.

Check it out, print it and keep a copy for your reference this spring.

FINN Consumables Quick Reference