Stop Fuel Gelling with Winter Fuel Additive

Winter diesel fuel additive

Stop fuel gelling before it even starts with the right additive

Did you have trouble starting your machine this winter season? If you did then you probably already know all about diesel fuel additives. Extremely low temperatures aren’t too kind on engines and if you don’t take the right steps it can cause fuel gelling and fuel filter clogging, which is going to put you and your equipment at a stand still. Luckily adding a little bit of fuel supplement will go a long way. Continue reading

Tech Tip: Prevent Overheating by Inspecting your Radiator

Kubota Mower Radiator Screen Debris

Check your radiator screen for debris before operating equipment. Grass clippings like these can add up and cause overheating.

Your engine works hard every day you send your machine out into the field.  In the summertime, the engine is working overtime.  In order to keep your engine cool and keep your equipment running you need to make sure the radiator is working properly and is clear of any damaging debris.  This time of year dirt, mulch and other material can get caught in the engine compartment – this is especially true of grass clippings with mowers.  If you’re sending equipment out with clogged radiators that’s going to restrict your cooling ability and lead to overheating, which can do a lot of damage and lead to expensive repairs (not to mention down time with the equipment).

As always practice caution around engine components and inspect them after the machine has cooled off.  There’s a lot of heat running through those radiators and we don’t want anyone getting injured.  If you have any questions on radiators or other engine components on your equipment give our Service Department a call at any of our locations. Continue reading

Buying REMAN Parts for Constuction Equipment

CNH Reman Logo

Buy smart. Buy REMAN.

When is buying reman parts a good idea?  If you buy from a trusted source, the answer is always.  We get our remanufactured parts from CNH, which means they’re built by the same people who make your machine.  Our parts are reliable, too, because reman isn’t the same as aftermarket or re-used parts: these pumps, starters and engines are rebuilt using new parts PLUS most items come with a 12 month warranty (just to put you even more at ease).

What’s the best part about reman, though? Continue reading

Tech Tip: Keep Water Out of Your Fuel System

Be sure to check fuel filters for water after winter storage

It’s typical to get bouts of arctic cold in Chicagoland, so you’ll want to know about condensation issues that can occur with machines that get stored over the winter.
Continue reading