Through September: 20% OFF New Holland’s Complete Filter Sets and 10% OFF Bulk Oil and Grease from New Holland

Need filters? We got ’em! New Holland sets for 20% off!
New Holland Grease and Oil too! 10% off!

It’s true! We’re having a sale, on complete sets of New Holland Filters20% off from September 1 through September 30, 2020.  If you’re running a New Holland skid steer, track loader, backhoe, wheel loader, excavator, or tractor, we have the filters you need to keep its well-tuned innards safe and cool and protected from all the grit and grime out here in the real world.  This sale could be a sign that now is the time for you to STOCK UP and be ready to run ’em strong through the rest of the year. 

RIght? What else could it mean?

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Tech Tip: Equipment Maintenance Tips for Diesel Engines

Picture-067-2New Holland parts & service experts recommend that with diesel engines, you need to pay close attention to the fuel, lube, air filtration and cooling systems.

Maintenance of the fuel system includes cleaning the fuel tank cap/vent and making sure the cap is functioning and venting the way it should. Also looking out for water and sediment in the fuel, assessing the fuel filter, and draining the water as required. The no. 1 cause of fuel injection system failures is fuel contaminated with water.  Continue reading

Tech Tip: Engine Oil for Off-Road Equipment

New Holland MasterGold engine and hydraulic oil

Not all oils are created equal. Time to get informed about what goes in your machine.

Let’s start off with the basics: Not all oils are alike!  There is a wide spectrum of engine and hydraulic oils that vary based on the composition and additive structure.  Manufacturers spend a lot of time creating formulas that work seamlessly with their machine and the conditions it operates in, because let’s face it – off-road equipment is under A LOT more stress than a regular car engine. Continue reading

Tech Tip: Know When to Change Your Oil

Follow a few simple steps and keep your machine running clean

Keeping your machine on a regular maintenance schedule will keep you running as smooth as possible for as long as possible.  When it comes to changing your oil, keep a few things in mind at all times: Continue reading