It’s Time to get Crackin’ with Toro: 0% Interest for 24 Months!

Toro has a FINANCE OFFER that’s happening right now for qualified contractors: 0% financing for 24 months! Or, No Interest / No Payments until Sept /Oct (then 3.99% for 48 months) .

That means the run is officially ON for TORO! Check out the brand new Dingo TXL 2000 we’re bringing on board at Martin Implement. (If you can watch this TXL 2000 Video and live without one, you’re made of stronger stuff than we are!) No wonder the TXL 2000 was absolutely THE showstopper at GIE 2018 and most recently at ILandscape 2019.

Whether it’s the new TXL 2000, the TX 1000, the TX 525 or the TX 427 Dingo compact utility loader: everyone loves the power, ease of use, durability, and incredible versatility. Equipment World, Green Industry Pros, and Pro Landscaper Magazine and our customers have nothing but great things to say about the beloved TX1000. And on that note, MORE good news… Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loader and its Attachment Versatility (Video)

Our product spotlight is the Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loader. The low ground pressure on these machines makes them ideal for spring use on your projects as the ground thaws. The Dingos are powerful yet still compact and light on turf. Their versatility is magnified by the many attachments they power, and there are dozens:

See our lineup of new Toro equipment and versatile attachments. Questions on Toro equipment? We’re here for you!

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How Many Attachments Can the Toro Dingo Power?

It’s a question we get a lot: what attachments are there available for the Dingo?  The compact loader from Toro is a lot more than a glorified wheelbarrow, that’s for sure.  This one machine (that’s narrow enough to fit through 3 foot gates mind you) can power augers, trenchers, brush cutters and tillers, just to name a few.  It’s like a pocket knife out on the job site and it’s a big time labor saver.  Check out a few of the attachments we carry in our rental fleet in our latest video:

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The Toro Dingo Snowblower Attachment (VIDEO)

Snow, snow and more snow, is that in Mother Nature’s plan this winter? If so you’re in luck because we’ve got the Toro Dingo snow thrower to clear our sidewalks and keep us on our feet. The four-foot snowblower has a two-stage design, an impressive clearance and a movable discharge chute that’s controlled from the operator platform. It’s perfect for clearing sidewalks and accessing tight spaces, and it’s a great way to get year-round productivity out of your Dingo.

See the attachment in action below:

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Toro Extends Finance Special AGAIN!

Get great finance rates on the Toro Dingo and Dingo attachments

Toro has extended their spring finance special through July 31, 2013 for their entire Series II and Series III compact construction equipment.  That means you can get a Dingo, Mud Buggy and more and make NO PAYMENTS with NO INTEREST until September 1st, 2013!  That free period is then followed by 0% for 48 months*.  That’s over four years of no interest – not to mention you get a few free months this summer to make money with your new machine! Continue reading

Know Your Dingo: The Backhoe Attachment

Know Your Dingo is a series in which we showcase one of the many attachments available for the Toro Dingo compact utility loader.

A lot of people can’t picture a backhoe attachment fitting on a Dingo.  That’s why we made a great video that showcases how maneuverable, how productive and how compact this attachment is.  It’s a great machine that packs a surprising punch.

If you’d like to climb up on one and try it for yourself, give us a call, but in the meantime our video will have to tide you over:

Know Your Dingo: The Harley Power Box Rake (VIDEO)

Know Your Dingo is a series in which we showcase one of the many attachments available for the Toro Dingo compact utility loader.

The Harley rake is a great tool for soil preparation that lets you level uneven terrain in one pass. The roller also helps create a dimpled bed surface which aids in moisture retention. The rake has a 48 inch operating width and can angle up to 20 degrees in either direction so it’s incredibly versatile and maneuverable. We have used units available for sale or rent so don’t hesitate to call us if you like what you see! In this video, Andy Novak shows you the rake in action:

Toro Dingo Attachment Special!


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Ed. Note: Many of these units have been sold so if you don’t see what you need here head over to the Toro used equipment page of our website. Thanks! The Toro Dingo may be the most versatile piece of … Continue reading