Tech Tip: Keep Water Out of Your Fuel System

Be sure to check fuel filters for water after winter storage

It’s typical to get bouts of arctic cold in Chicagoland, so you’ll want to know about condensation issues that can occur with machines that get stored over the winter.
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Tech Tip: Proper Fuel Storage More Important than Ever

Fuel containers

Store your fuel correctly, from small containers all the way up to full size tanks.

As technology increases in new diesel engines they become less and less tolerant of every day contaminants like rust, dirt and condensation.  As a result, keeping your fuel properly maintained while in storage is more important than ever.  As Ken Reichert points out in Farm Week, the amount of outside material a new fuel injection system can tolerate can be as small as one to three microns (much much smaller than the human eye can see).  That said, avoiding contamination is easy if you follow the few simple steps outlined here.  This is a great read for anyone thinking about storing fuel: Continue reading