Shake Yer Kubota! $0 Down, 0% Interest for 84 Months & Deferred Payments

The newest Kubota compact track loader

Construction, tractors, RTV’s, Mowers: if it’s NEW and it’s KUBOTA, we have a deal going for you.

KUBOTA CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT can now be financed at 0% for 60 months or choose instant cash rebates up to $11,000. And yes…this offer includes their SSV series skid steer loaders, SVL series compact track loaders, K, KX and U series excavators & wheel loaders

These KUBOTA machines have it all: they’re agile, versatile, compact, and (as they say) engineered to work both shifts: DAY and NIGHT! After all, up-time is money time….

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Product Spotlight: New Holland 300 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader Control Options

The joystick on these new models really EARN the name!  

If you’ve ever put in a full day’s work with a skid steer loader, you know that the controls can become an extension of your arms and hands.  And if you’re an experienced operator, you probably have certain settings you like to work with the best. You know: so the instruments feel like those arms and hands are YOURS. It’s only natural!

New Holland Listened to a lot of operators to get input on the cab design and instrumentation for their 300 series Skid Steer and Track Loaders. They made several updates designed to accommodate users who love to set up their hands and feet the way they like to work. New Holland also made some very cool upgrades that are sure to appeal to any operator.  So let’s grab that joystick and see what’s up!

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New Holland: 0% Financing For 60 Months OR Cash Back Deals

Kick the tires; cover the upcoming work

If you’re considering fleet additions at this time, consider this: new 200 series skid steer and compact track loaders, mini excavators and wheel loaders, yes wheel loaders, from New Holland qualify for 0% for 60 months, OR cash back. The latest 300 series skid steer and compact track loaders, qualify for 0% for 36 months, OR cash back! That means you’re saving on some of the most in-demand equipment we carry! New Holland skid steers are like a multi-tool on the job site, with attachments to help you crank through a huge variety of projects. Versatile, reliable equipment takes on work, and more work means MORE PROFIT for you. 

3 Year Powertrain Protection Plan now included on 200 Series Compact Track Loaders and Skid Steer Loaders

In fact, you can also save on the rest of New Holland’s construction lineup: backhoe loaders and tractor-loaders and are 0% for 48 months; OR you can choose CASH back. Heavy equipment, heavy deals!

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Product Spotlight: Kubota SVL Series Compact Track Loaders

The SVL65-2 is READY for the family throw-down!

Three brothers, SVL95-2s (the big one), SVL75-2 (the middle one), and the SVL65-2 (the little one: with enough attitude to keep it interesting when the in-family competition gets heated)!  All three of these Kubota SVL’s also lives up to the family name, and they’re all truly compact and powerful loaders. 

All three will also keep you comfortable and productive, as they’ll get you in and out of just about any work location you can dream of.  With a broad variety of attachments, an SVL can also be your go to utility-player: grapples, hammers, snow blowers, rotary cutters, graders, tillers, tree-pullers and more. The combination of power, maneuverability, versatility, and operator comfort is exceptional.

We’re carrying Kubota’s latest addition to this line, the SVL 65-2.  It’s their lightest and most maneuverable compact track loader yet. Shines in tight spaces, and its lighter weight and smaller footprint mean less soil compaction on the jobsite. It’s also a better fit if you have a smaller trailer. Compact yes, but it’s a versatile, efficient choice with high-flow and no DEF required: just perfect for landscapers, rental yards, and small contractors. 

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Product Spotlight: New Holland 300 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

The L334 Skid Steer shows off its “skyhook.” 

Everyone knows more is (almost always) better, and that’s exactly what you get with the recently launched New Holland 300 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders.  New Holland engineers have worked hard to optimize performance with operator-focused improvements.  They’ve ratcheted up the quality to improve overall operation — which means you can get MORE jobs done, MORE efficiently, and make MORE money.  

Let’s learn some MORE, shall we?

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Used Equipment Spotlight: 2018 New Holland C227 Compact Track Loader

The Used Equipment Spotlight is a recurring segment where we highlight featured items from our used inventory.

Check out our New Holland C227 Compact Track Loader available for sale:

For photos and pricing click here

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Rental Special: Fecon Mulcher & Track Loader…Get 1/2 Off Day Two!

The Fecon mulcher just loves to EAT wood!…paired here with a Kubota SVL95-2s high flow compact track loader. Nom nom!

Here’s the deal: through February 2020, when you rent a Fecon Mulcher with a track loader for two days of limb-wrecking and sapling saw-dustification, you’ll get the second day of wood-whacking for HALF OFF.  If you have a big overgrown space to clear, now is a great time to do it — visibility is great, and the cool air and the big teeth on the Fecon can make this work go much faster.

We get calls from people all over the area to rent the Fecon Bull Hog Mulcher attachment.  No mystery why: it’s actually fun to work with a mulcher that’s built this tough — a machine that can tear up 8-inch trees and brush, combined with a track loader that can get you in there to git it ALL-done. This may be one of the hardest working attachments you ever use! 

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Product Spotlight: New Holland C237 Compact Track Loader

A row of New Holland C237’s doing the Karate Kid move!  (photo credit: New Holland)

“Maximum reach at maximum height.” New Holland’s description captures the essence with this strong and super-versatile C237 track loader.  Whether you’re doing landscaping work, farming, construction, or competing in a track-loader / martial arts throw-down, this is the machine you want in your corner.  The C237 is made to hold its ground while the SuperBoom Vertical Lift feature allows you to place hefty loads in the very center of that big truck. With a longer track base of 64.5 inches (with 17.7-inch wide tracks), a low center of gravity, and ideal front-to-rear weight distribution, this machine will not lose its balance when the match gets heated!

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Used Equipment Spotlight: 2015 New Holland C238 Compact Track Loader

The Used Equipment Spotlight is a recurring segment where we
highlight featured items from our used inventory.

Check out our 2015 New Holland C238 compact track loader available for sale:

For photos and pricing click here

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Labor-saving All Stars: Fecon Forestry Mulchers

In this new series on Fully Equipped, we dive a little deeper into the benefits of some of our favorite labor-saving machines. 


MULCHING MAKES IT BETTER Here’s the thing: the FECON BULL HOG mulchers can cut brush, stumps and trees up to 8 inches in diameter (cutting them down to ground level).  Trees and brush truly get mulched –which means you eliminate the need to do a lot of follow-up work. Chain saws, chippers, and the people required to run them…all disappear from your job-costs, just like the BULL HOG erasing a gnarly stand of trees and tangled brushes.

RIGHT MODEL FOR THE JOB Fecon and Martin Implement offer BULL HOG models that can work beautifully when hooked up to a compact track loader (with high-flow hydraulics). We also carry their FMX BULL HOGS, which are designed to use when you have to have the greater reach of an excavator. Attaching these mulchers to tracked machines allow you to maneuver in more variable terrain than you can access with a PTO / 3 Point setup on a tractor.  Check out the FMX50 in action on this video — you don’t want to try this with a tractor! 

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