Rental Special: FINN Bark Blower Rentals: 10% Through June

Ahhh, you see what we did there don’t you? Well, now’s the perfect time for you to feel the power of a Finn on your fleet: for the months of May and June, we’re knocking 10% off the price of a Finn Bark Blower rental. Renting is the perfect way to experience the versatility and job-finishing efficiency of these great FINN machines. The playgrounds and gardens and parking-lot islands of this world have had an even worse winter than the rest of us, and they need a makeover, stat!  So come on down to Martin Implement and get your mitts on a FINN.
…But be careful: you may end up selling all your wheelbarrows on Ebay. 

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Used FINN Bark Blowers & Hydroseeders For Sale

If our recent FINN open houses told us anything (see photos here!), it’s that people want to know more about bark blowers and hydroseeders.  There are a ton of applications for these machines and we can’t wait to see more and more of them out in the field.  We get asked a lot about what used FINN equipment we have, so we thought it would be nice to get them all in one place.  Take a look:

Bark Blowers
Finn BB302 bark blowerBB302
2012 BB302 bark blower with 1.5 cubic yard hopper, 4 inch hose and a 33.5 hp Kubota diesel engine. It’s got two hose sections: 100 feet and 50 feet.

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Rent It: Finn Bark Blowers

Here comes spring!  Well…almost. March is in the 10 day forecast so we’re getting set for landscape season and that means filling orders for bark blower rentals.  We’ve carried Finn bark blowers for years and we just keep adding more and more of them.  The BB302 is our most popular bark blower, but last year Finn introduced the BB5-Series with a larger hopper capacity and a beefed up design, which has been great for customers looking to take on larger installations. Continue reading

Mark Your Calendar: BB1208 Demonstration with FINN’s James Loneman Sept. 6th

This coming Thursday (September 6th) Martin Implement will be hosting a demonstration of the FINN BB1208 truck-mounted bark blower at our Orland Park location.  Erosion control expert James Loneman of FINN Corporation will be on site to showcase the finer points of the bark blower as well as demonstrate erosion control techniques, including the compost filter sock.  James has been a go-to for us at Martin Implement for any and all questions about erosion control so we’re excited to have him on hand to demonstrate and educate!  The bark blower will be on our lot from 10am – 2pm so make sure you clear your schedule!  You don’t want to miss this! Continue reading

The Finn BB302 Bark Blower (VIDEO)

Are you still mulching with a wheelbarrow and shovel?  Do you ever wonder about how much more work you could get done if you reduced some of your hand labor?  The Finn bark blower can be a valuable addition to landscapers looking to increase margins by cutting down labor and material costs (and what landscaper isn’t looking for that?). Continue reading