Product Spotlight: New Holland 300 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

The L334 Skid Steer shows off its “skyhook.” 

Everyone knows more is (almost always) better, and that’s exactly what you get with the recently launched New Holland 300 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders.  New Holland engineers have worked hard to optimize performance with operator-focused improvements.  They’ve ratcheted up the quality to improve overall operation — which means you can get MORE jobs done, MORE efficiently, and make MORE money.  

Let’s learn some MORE, shall we?

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Free Echo Speed Feed / Pro Attachment Series Offer

If you do it in the yard, the ECHO PAS does it! Click to learn more about Echo

Effective April 1, 2020 through June 30 (yep: HIGH dandelion season!) you can get an Echo Speed Feed attachment, free with the purchase of any Pro Attachment Series powerhead (with attachment).  So, you’ll be starting your PAS experience with two attachments: one will be the free Speed Feed Trimmer (goodbye dandelions!), and the second will be…your choice. Let’s learn a little bit more Echo here and about the Pro Attachment Series so you can get a jump start on picking attachment number two…  

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Product Spotlight: Kubota BB30 Series Grading Box with Trimble Laser

Lasers? We’re in! Kubota BB30 grading box with Trimble Laser assembly.

Some technologies are so good, it’s almost like cheating. The Kubota BB30 series grading boxes, paired with the optional 82″ Mast Assembly, and two Trimble Spectra Precision Lasers, is a perfect candidate for the speed-worker’s hall of fame. Instead of leveling and shooting the grade, then leveling some more (and shooting the grade again) you’re leveling and measuring at the same time. Check out our video of this super-smart assembly set up on a Kubota SLV95-2s.

Though we’re featuring the precision capability of these graders with the Spectra Laser System, you should also know that the Kubota BB30 line are outstanding all-purpose grading machines. The bonus with these graders is the flexibility to work with laser precision whenever you really need it.  

Strong, versatile, and oh so smoove.

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Phone Home: Rammer Hammers Go Telematic!

RAMMER 55E and RD3: A winning combination of power and smarts!

IT’S 1 PM: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR RAMMER HAMMER IS?Rammer’s new Excellence Line is now equipped with RD3, which is an industry-first: a telematics monitoring system for hydraulic hammers. It’s like having R2D2 on your fleet, but better! …Sorry, we kid, but the capabilities do seem to come from another galaxy. Fleet operators get detailed information about operating time and monitoring, service intervals, and of course GPS location for the hammer. All the data is presented via the My Fleet platform. The RD3 device enables you to optimize your usage of your hammer, by helping you keep tabs on one of the most productive and versatile pieces of machinery in your fleet.  Additional capabilities are coming down the pike with the RD3/My Fleet system, such as GeoFencing and emailed notifications. We’ll keep you posted on those coming attractions — and your hammer will too! 

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Amazing Deals, Right Now, for Grasshopper Mowers at Martin Implement!


Give your lawn a scissor’s cut throne of this Grasshopper 725KT 

When you finish up the last row with a Grasshopper Mower, you just might be tempted to top it all off with a hot steamed towel and a splash of cologne. Grasshopper mowers give you that “unmatched, manicured look,” every time.  Before: stubble, uneven growth, bumpy, lumpy, and patchy.  After: your turf is as smooth as Cary Grant’s cheekbones. 

Call us crazy, but right here on the cusp of prime grass-growing season, we’ve got some amazing deals on all the Grasshoppers machines we have in stock:

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Product Spotlight: Engcon Tiltrotator

The ENGCON TILTROTATOR: such a supple wrist!

The Engcon Tiltrotator is one of those innovative products that comes along every now and then and makes us all wonder how we got along before it came along. It also makes us wish we invented it! We featured the EC 204 model of this new tool at the iLandscape show and coupled it with a Hyundai R35 mini-excavator, and it was a smash-hit with our earth-moving and grade-grooming friends. 

Once placed on the end of your dipper stick (or attached to your hydraulic quick coupler) the Tiltrotator offers incredible flexibility for positioning tools, enabling more work to be done without moving your excavator to get a better angle. With the combination of tilt and rotation, you can often work around or under pipes and other structural obstacles.  BIG SAVINGS: in work-time, fuel, machine wear (and for some jobs, personnel), make this coupler not only a joy to use, but an inventive new source of work-site efficiency and improved ROI. 

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Labor-saving All Stars: Fecon Forestry Mulchers

In this new series on Fully Equipped, we dive a little deeper into the benefits of some of our favorite labor-saving machines. 


MULCHING MAKES IT BETTER Here’s the thing: the FECON BULL HOG mulchers can cut brush, stumps and trees up to 8 inches in diameter (cutting them down to ground level).  Trees and brush truly get mulched –which means you eliminate the need to do a lot of follow-up work. Chain saws, chippers, and the people required to run them…all disappear from your job-costs, just like the BULL HOG erasing a gnarly stand of trees and tangled brushes.

RIGHT MODEL FOR THE JOB Fecon and Martin Implement offer BULL HOG models that can work beautifully when hooked up to a compact track loader (with high-flow hydraulics). We also carry their FMX BULL HOGS, which are designed to use when you have to have the greater reach of an excavator. Attaching these mulchers to tracked machines allow you to maneuver in more variable terrain than you can access with a PTO / 3 Point setup on a tractor.  Check out the FMX50 in action on this video — you don’t want to try this with a tractor! 

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Fecon Rotating Front Grapple Attachment

Fecon, loved by our customers for their Bull Hog mulchers, offers a rotating front grapple attachment for skid steer and compact track loaders. A grapple is ideal for moving fallen trees, rocks and brush piles quickly with its 60” opening, 360° rotation, and a load capacity of 9,990 lbs! Grapples are a perfect forestry attachment for tree care, landscaping applications and the like. It’s shown here on the powerful L234 skid steer from New Holland. Model FFG60 key specs: Continue reading

Announcing Our Bargain Buys Page!

You’ll want to bookmark our Bargain Buys page for deals on used and closeout equipment. It’s updated frequently, so be sure to check back often for best value picks from our wide selection of discounted equipment.

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Bradco Ground Shark Extreme Duty Brush Cutter (Video)

When developing 40+ lots in South Elgin for new construction, ROCR Development, LLC used the Bradco Ground Shark Extreme Duty brush cutter on a New Holland L230 High-Flow skid steer to clear brush for site prep work. Check out this combo transforming one of the many lots on the docket for clearing:

The Ground Shark Extreme Duty brush cutters tackles medium to heavy brush and hardwoods up to 7″ in diameter, the kind you’ll likely encounter on roadside, fence line or trail maintenance projects. Need equipment for vegetation management jobs? Give us a shout.