Spring is the time to (box) rake, with Harley and Toro

Ideal for soil preparation

Power rakes are the perfect tool for soil preparation in any season. In one easy pass, you can level almost any hard-packed, weedy, rock & pebble strewn surface and turn it into a walkable or drivable trail — or into level, playable / plantable / buildable earth. 

Power rake roller’s break up the soil with rotor-force, pressure and LOTS of tough-teeth. These  all work together to leave an even, dimpled bed surface. And those dimples aren’t just cute: they also even-out moisture retention. So if you’re going to “build it so they’ll come,” or you’re planning to “reap what you sow” this year…these are the machines to do it with!  You’ll get a surface that’s ready to go for your plans — or your clients’.

We carry power rakes by two different makers: TORO and HARLEY. Different sizes for different machines, but by and large they perform the same functions and do them really well.  Let’s look at the offerings from each manufacturer….

We carry the Harley Power Box rakes M6H, MX7H — these are for skid steers and compact track loaders — they also fit the Toro TXL 2000. The M6H and MX7 have 60-inch or 72-inch operating widths respectively — and of course they’re in high demand this time of year. On the M6H an adjustable 6” poly barrier allows you to choose the size of material you want to leave on the bed. The polypropylene barrier is stiff enough for pushing, but allows damaging debris to pass. The Harley also has a bi-directional motor which allows the drum to rotate in either direction maximizing flexibility. It also has quick-change box-end plates for windrowing and reverse box raking.The gauge wheels are adjustable to allow for skim passes for over-seeding, or you can run deep enough to cut drainage grades. In addition to added capacity, the MX Series adds some nice features, like triple-sealed and shielded bearings for extra protection and long life. 

Check out our how to video with the Harley Power Rake — it’s a great run through on all the main features and options.

The Toro power box rake (model 22426) is the one we pictured at the top of this post. It’s the perfect tool for seed bed and sod bed preparation. Like the Harley, it’s rotary drum pulverizes rough soil, cuts high spots and fills low spots in one pass — while removing rocks and debris. The carbide teeth design produces excellent seed sub-soil, and leaves those cute dimples to promote superior moisture retention and rapid seed growth. The 22426 model fits all Dingo Traction units except the TX 413,  If you want to go bigger with a Dingo TX 2000 and a full 72” of raking width, you’ll want to make a date with the Toro TXL 2000 model 22536 power rake. 

Toro Dingo TX1000 with color-coordinated TORO power rake: matchy-matchy!

Check out the Toro power box rake (model 22426) in action on this video, as it turns an empty lot into…a garden of pure potential!

Now’s the time to get your soil all fluffy and happy and ready for the growing and playing and walking and riding and…everything season. We have these machines for sale and rent, so give us a call at any of our locations now,  and feel the power!

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