Snow Wolf Ultra-Series Snow Blades

Snow Wolf Ultra-Series Snow BladeSnow Wolf makes some of the toughest and most innovative snow equipment on the roads today.  They’ve launched new product after new product that our customers just can’t get enough of.  We’ve worked with Snow Wolf for many years now and we really feel there’s nothing better out there in the snow market.  There’s just no competition when you look at the wide variety of blades and accessories they offer!  You might recall earlier when we covered their awesome Wolf Paw snow tires.  Today we’re going to look at the blades themselves.

Snow Wolf’s dual A-frame pivot & nitro cylinders

Snow Wolf’s gold standard is the Ultra-Series blade, which is our most popular seller.  These blades are built to take whatever Mother Nature wants to throw your way.  They’re equipped with a dual A-frame pivot for added strength and nitro-steel cylinder rods that can stand the Winter without rusting.  The steel or poly-urethane cutting edges are made to last, even with full down-pressure applied.  So don’t be afraid to go all out with these blades.

Snow Wolf blades angle 35-degrees in either direction

The tough design doesn’t sacrifice the finer features, though.  Ultra blades now come equipped with a 9 inch trip edge (an improvement on the old 6 inch edges) and can angle up to 35 degrees in either direction, helping you keep your snow around corners.  The larger trip edge helps prevent damage from stationary objects while practically eliminating the false-tripping we all hate.  The tight curve of the moldboard also keeps the snow rolling in front of the blade, allowing you to push more snow more easily.

We’ve had countless customers have success with Snow Wolf plows.  There’s really no comparison when you factor in all the innovative features and accessories.  We carry the Ultra blade in a 6 foot size all the way up to a 10 foot one.  They can be purchased or you can rent them – with our no-hassle Winter rental option it’s the way to go for a lot of our customers.  Contact us for more information on Snow Wolf blades!

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