Skid Steer Loader Control Options

New Holland 200-Series Skid Steer Cab View

Get the right controls for your machine.

Decisions, decisions.  With New Holland’s 200-Series skid steer and track loaders you have options when it comes to operator controls – whether you prefer hand or foot, ISO or H-Pattern.  Picking the right one is important because the wrong one can ruin the operating experience. Choose based on comfort and familiarity so you can perform the job to the highest standard and get it done safely. Here’s a breakdown of what options come factory installed on our New Holland skid steers:

Want a visual breakdown? Check out our infographic.

Hand & Foot Control
This is the standard option on many skid steers including the 200-Series. With this choice your hands control the drive function and your feet control the boom and bucket. It’s the go-to for many operators because of their familiarity with it.

H-Pattern Hand Control
This is another option that’s been around a while. In H-Pattern your hands drive the same in foot control machines (left hand controls the left tires, right controls the right), but the difference is your hands also control the boom and bucket. The handles are hinged and when they’re turned towards and away from the operator your boom and bucket move.

E-H Controls (ISO & H-Pattern)
This is a new comer in the field. New Holland’s electro-hydraulic controls give you the option between ISO and H-Pattern configuration. With ISO the two joysticks are independent with the left hand stick controlling drive function and the right hand controlling boom and bucket. ISO gives the operator very precise control over attachments which is a major plus. The ability to switch between control patterns makes the E-H controls really appealing to a lot of contractors and rental houses.

What matters most in skid steer controls is comfort so choose whichever one you think will let you and your crew work safely and efficiently. For more info on skid steer and track loaders give us a call and we’ll be glad to lend you our expertise.

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