Fecon Bull Hog FMX50: A Full-on Mulching, Chipping, Grinding Beast

Will it Mulch? With the FECON BULL HOG, the answer is YES.
If you’re thinking about blazing a trail, widening a road, or clearing a bramble-clogged path or roadside, you’ll want to grab a cup of coffee and watch this video of Martin Implement customer Bart Gilliam.  Bart keeps the city of Matteson well-groomed and used a dynamic duo you can rent from Martin Implement: the FECON BULL HOG (FMX50), paired with the Kubota KX080 Excavator.  Power and versatility from Kubota, combined with a rugged FECON attachment designed to do exactly this kind of job.  The end result is poetry in motion…

WARNING: several saplings meet their maker in this graphic video!!

If you’re wondering if you could use the BULL HOG to wrassle that stump or make mincemeat of the brush pile outback, Bart has a few words for you:

“It’s a chainsaw, chipper, stump-grinder…all in one.”
-Bart Gilliam, Village of Matteson Public Works Director

…And you were wondering why Matteson was looking so darn handsome lately!

The FECON FMX50 has a HEAVY duty, low-maintenance rotor with a business-end composed of 22 flip-able SAMURAI KNIFE tools. (You can see the speed and convenience of that flip-ability in the video.) Weighing in at a stout 1050 lbs., this is a rugged animal with exceptional tool-life and low maintenance. 58 inches wide, with a cutting SWATH of 50″ — your job is almost done when this baby starts spinning.

Fall and early winter when tree growth is dormant is a great time to do a little barber-ing for your municipality, park district, or property.  Drop us a line at any of our locations and we will CLEAR THE WAY to get the FECON BULL HOG out of our stable and into your fleet!

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