Rental Special: 10% Off on FINN Hydroseeder Rental (with Materials Purchase)!

What’s more fun than pressure washing? HYDROSEEDING with a FINN!

The nights are getting cooler, and soon some of those big summer-time construction projects will be winding down and making the last lunge across the finish line, so it’s time for spruce up!  Just one last push for Old Sol and Mr. Cloud and their magic dance, so I=in the natural order of things, this means it’s the perfect time to rent a FINN Hydroseeder. With a FINN Consumables purchase, you’ll save 10% on rental of a FINN Hydroseeder! This deal runs from September through October 31, 2020.  

As much fun as working with a FINN can be, the first order of business is figuring out what that powerful hydroseeder is going to be spraying. We’ve got that ground covered too (yes, pun intended): FINN consumables include different tackifier and additives that are designed to help promote the best growing environment for your seed. Here in the Midwest we have no shortage of challenging growing conditions, from heat, to drought to wet, wet, wet — so this stuff is pretty much essential.  Check out our handy FINN Consumables Quick Reference Guide. You’ll see everything in there from standard Tackifier to Liquid Lime to Green Plus (yep, that’s the reeeeally greeeeeen stuff). There’s also a rugged HyrdoBlend for those of you who’d rather just do the spraying, and leave the thinking to the weatherman and the chemistry nerds. 

But whatever you do, remember: if you buy FINN mulch and additives with us for your next project, you can get 10% OFF the rental of a Finn Hydroseeder — specifically, a FINN T75, T90 or T120*.

First and foremost, they transform almost any tough coverage / planting job into a day at the park. (Well, comparatively speaking.) Leave the rakes and the dump-truck behind and opt for the T75 or T90: both are tow-behind hydroseeders that hook up with simple pintle hitch, just like a trailer. The T75 is equipped with a 25 hp Kohler gas engine and an 820-gallon capacity, while the T90 muscles up with a 33.5 hp Kubota diesel and a 940-gallon capacity. If you NEED MORE SEED, you may want to check out the T120, which has a 1,180-gallon working capacity. The bigger the tank, the less downtime you’ll have reloading — so check in with us on the details of your job and we’ll help you figure out your best solution. The T120 is also a tow-behind seeder, so it’s super portable. 

For more information on rates, or to book your rental, give us a call at any of our Chicagoland locations.  It’s been a great summer breaking new ground. Let us help you get these job sites beautiful before the snow comes!  

*Must purchase a minimum quantity of consumables. Minimum amount varies depending on job – ask our rental specialists for more information.  Also: The discount is only valid with participation in the Real Deal offer program.

Remember: this offer ends October 31st, 2020

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