Rental Special: FINN Bark Blower Rentals: 10% Through June

Ahhh, you see what we did there don’t you? Well, now’s the perfect time for you to feel the power of a Finn on your fleet: for the months of May and June, we’re knocking 10% off the price of a Finn Bark Blower rental. Renting is the perfect way to experience the versatility and job-finishing efficiency of these great FINN machines. The playgrounds and gardens and parking-lot islands of this world have had an even worse winter than the rest of us, and they need a makeover, stat!  So come on down to Martin Implement and get your mitts on a FINN.
…But be careful: you may end up selling all your wheelbarrows on Ebay. 

Bark blowers are great tools for a variety of different applications, from landscaping and beautification, to composting, soil blends, and erosion control.  Here’s a quick video of a Finn blower spreading mulch. The boost in productivity from using a blower is dramatic.  Jobs that used to take a whole team can be done with two or three people.

We’ve got different sized bark blowers in our fleet, including the BB302, with a 1.5 cubic yard hopper, and the BB5-Series, with a full 5 cubic yard hopper. More bark, so it also has more blow, with a powerful 65 hp engine!  These machines were featured in a recent Fully Equipped post on Labor Saving All Stars check it out if you’re hungry for even more Finn material to mulch.

Call us today to schedule your rental! Our rental rates are online, or you can view/download our brand new 2020 Rental Guide, right here.

Remember that this offer ends June 30th, 2020 — don’t blow it! 

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