Rent It: Bush Hog Flex-Wing Mower and Tractor Combo

The Bush Hog model 2815 flex-wing rotary cutter has features that give you max performance and durability on those heavy-duty jobs. Our customers find it ideal for roadside cutting, pasture maintenance and more. It’s rated to cut 4″ diameter material and operates on a minimum of a 60 PTO hp tractor. They like that the center section blades align with the center wheels to closely cut out the bottom of ditches. And that the center section skids’ inside and outside edges are turned up at 45 degrees, so they don’t dig into the turf when turning.

If you’re looking for a tractor to power the rotary cutter, we pair it with our New Holland T4.110 utility tractor, with its easy-to-use controls, heavy-duty rear components, and cab comforts. Our T4.110 tractor has the following key specs: 93 PTO horsepower, 4WD, 107 hp diesel engine, cab with A/C, 12 x 12-speed power shuttle transmission, 3-point hitch, dual remote hydraulic valve and a 10,500 lb. operating weight. Questions on renting or owning New Holland or Bush Hog equipment? We’re here to help.

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