Rent It: The Toro MB1600 Mud Buggy

More than a wheelbarrow: the Toro MB1600 Mud Buggy

Over the past year Toro has been expanding their product line to include some really innovative and unique products.  In recent months we’ve seen the release of the stand-on aerator and the STX-38 stump grinder, two units that have gotten a lot of attention.  Now we’ve got our hands on Toro’s newest addition, the MB1600 mud buggy.

The Mud Buggy can handle 16 cubic feet of material

First things first: the mud buggy is not a toy.  The name might make you think of four wheeling down some backwoods trails, but this mud buggy is meant to work!  The material handler is a ride-on machine that can handle 16 cubic feet of material.  Whether that’s dirt, concrete or debris you’ll be able to haul it anywhere on the job site and dump it with an easy to use foot pedal control.

The steering controls are also operator friendly, with the forward and reverse being controlled with two handles mounted just like a bike handlebar.  One handle makes you go forward, the other in reverse.  Turn the handlebar to maneuver the buggy anywhere you want (the foam-filled double tires will ensure you can handle almost any terrain on the job site).

The MB1600 has a lot of other nice features that a professional will appreciate.  The best way to find out about them is to try it out for yourself!  Give us a call to schedule a rental and we’ll be glad to help you.

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