Rent It: Fecon Bull Hog Mulcher

Today we’re revisiting one of our most popular posts: the Fecon mulcher.  We get people calling from all over asking to rent this attachment because it’s hard to find a mulcher that can tear up 8 inch trees while attached to a track loader.  That output combined with that portability makes it a killer attachment.  Just watch this clip of our machine in action.  That tree didn’t stand a chance.

So read on, get to know the Fecon and click the link at the bottom for our rental rates.

Fecon Bull Hog Mulcher on New Holland C238

The Fecon and compact track loader are an unbeatable combo.

Fecon mulchers are in a class of their own when it comes to brush clearing.  These mulchers can cut brush, stumps and trees up to 8 inches in diameter (cutting them down to ground level) when hooked up to a high flow skid steer.

Our 74 inch mulcher has a max flow of 45 gallons per minute and a mouth full of double carbide teeth that have no trouble getting through most wood material.  Our rental unit has an optional trap door installed, which helps contain debris and results in finer mulch size.

The Bull Hog requires more hydraulic power than most attachments, so we hooked it to our New Holland C238 compact track loader with enhanced high flow hydraulics.  You might remember the time we hooked a cold planer up to it.  You can rent the track loader and mulcher as a package from any of our Chicagoland locations so visit our website for current rental rates and to contact the store nearest you.

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