Put a Hyundai To Work! 8 Days A Week Deal Is ON for MINI-Excavators

Hyundai mini-excavators: Eight days a week!  Ooooh!

Starting February 1st and running through April 30, 1919, when you rent a Hyundai mini-excavator from us, you’ll get 8 Days A Week. That’s right: one day of additional use for every week the unit is rented*.  

We have several Hyundai Minis in our rental fleet, the R35, R55, and R80. You can watch the R35 in action on a video we did awhile back at a Joliet home / job site. You’ll see some new drain tiles needed in tight quarters, but the Hyundai mini was more than up to the task. Get in tight, reach, dig…done!

THE RIGHT MINI FOR YOU: The R35 has a Zero tail swing, making it the most compact operator. It’s powered by a Yanmar 23.7 hp engine, and has a bucket breakout force of 6900 lbf. with a max dig depth of 10′ 3″.

The R55 has a standard counterweight configuration that gives you greater stability. It’s also powered by a Yanmar 65.1 h.p. engine, and has a bucket breakout force of 9550 lbf. with a max dig depth of 12’6″.  A true mini powerhouse. 

The R80 is a more muscled mini, but still has a compact tail swing. It’s powered by a Yanmar 65.1 h.p. engine, and has a bucket breakout force of 12570 lbf. and a max dig depth of 13′ 7″. That’s a lot of power and reach in a mini!

Common features for these models include large dozer blades, quick-couplers for attachments, and auxiliary hydraulic piping, which together enable you to tackle a huge variety of jobs. Just let us know what your job needs are, and we can help you select the right machine for the job(s) you’re doing, and the worksite you’re operating in. 

Feel free to read more about these Models in Hyundai’s Compact Excavator Family Brochure and spec sheet. 

EIGHT DAYS OF EASY: As you’ll see in their brochure, these Hyundai Mini cabs have a comfortable and adjustable suspension seat, wrist rests, ergonomically designed joysticks and plenty of space. Pilot operated hand levers are easily accessible for controlling the dozer blade and track extension. A tiltable left-side console eases access to the cab, and there’s a safety lock that prevents exit from the cab while hydraulic controls are live. Smart, right?  

SERVICE…to show you just how much we care: Martin Implement backs up your bargain Hyundai Mini-Excavator rental with our experienced staff, providing time-saving and cost-efficient recommendations for all your job site equipment needs. With 8 Days A Week and the Martin Implement team on your side, who knows what you can accomplish!

Ask our rental folks for all the details — we’ll be happy to set you up on this special deal.

Remember, this 8 Days A Week Deal runs through April 30, 2019. So if you can dig it…dig it now!

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