Put A Hyundai To Work! 8 Days A Week Rental Deal for Hyundai Wheel Loaders!

Got material? The Hyundai 965 Wheel Loader will git after it!

Starting May 1st and running through July 30, 2019, when you rent a Hyundai wheel loader from Martin Implement for a week, you’ll get an extra day free. One free day for soil moving, gravel dumping, rock redistribution, or anything else you need major muscle for.

PUT THE LOAD RIGHT ON ME…We have these great Hyundais in our wheel loader Rental Fleet:

Hyundai ModelNet HorsepowerStandard Bucket
HL 740140 hp3.0 yd3
HL 940156 hp3.0 yd3
HL 757170 hp3.7 yd3
HL 965269 hp4.7 yd3

We have in-depth video on the HL 940, and another for the HL965. The video for the 965 does a great job of showing some of the machine’s advanced safety features, like the AAVM 360° video camera, which gives operators a complete visual picture of the surrounding environment. It also demonstrates how easy it is to access the basic maintenance areas, which will help keep you running clean and cool for all EIGHT DAYS of your weekly rental.  

As you can see on the videos, these machines offer outstanding operator comfort and control features.  The cabs have excellent soundproofing, spacious, comfortable seats, advanced infotainment systems, and intuitive and easy-to-use controls. On the 900 series machines, sound levels in the cab are as low as 68db. So you can use that extra day of rental to move more rocks…and rock out in the cab to your favorite tunes.

There are great pictures and more specs for the 900 Series in the  Hyundai Wheel Loader Family product brochure. It’s a great way to get a pristine visual and technical tour of these new machines.

IF you’ve got the work, we have the Hyundai machine for you. Rocks, gravel, soil, mulch, concrete-refuse…if it’s heavy and it needs to get from point A to point B, these are the machines to do it.  And now you’ll have a whole extra day to get the job done…or listen to that awesome sound system!  

Give us a call at Martin Implement, ask for the Rental Department, and we’ll put you in one of these quiet and spacious cabs for a week and then some. Remember: this 8 Days A Week Deal runs May 1 through July 31, 2019. So if you can dig it…dig it now!  Put a Hyundai to Work!

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