Product Spotlight: Z400 Series Zero Turn Mowers From Kubota (Video)

Go ahead…STEP UP to the best platform in the business!

You don’t usually see “work” and “effortless” together when you’re talking about landscaping duties… but the Kubota Z400 Series Zero-Turn Mowers are a welcome exception.  Professional-level performance and comfortable, easy operation go hand in hand — for both commercial fleet operators and residential / large property owners.

First, let’s take a look at some of the details that make these mowers a pleasure to use: 

You can see it in the picture: yes indeed, that operator’s seat is roomy, and just as comfortable as it looks. It has a high back too (you’re welcome). What you can’t see is that it’s also super-adjustable: it actually slides a full 6” back & forth, so operators will be able to position themselves just right. The wide foot pan also offers plenty of leg room, so this one’s easy to get in and out of — even after a long morning with the back 40!

The controls are smartly laid out: everything’s within reach, and all the dials and levers are familiar, comfortable, and durably fashioned. (Nothing cheap on this machine!) You have the necessities tended to as well: a storage box and the operator’s cup holder, so your drink is always handy. The machine offers a 12-volt power outlet so operators can charge their phones and never miss a beat.  Last but not at all least: those big 24” tires mean a soft, smooth ride.

The Kubota’s Z400 Series Zero-Turn models are a breeze to operate too. They offer a high-precision cutting height adjustment —you can get as fine-grained as 1/4” increments, with just a simple twist of the dial. Kubota’s patented K-Lift mechanical, one-push pedal, allows quick and easy deck lift adjustments — without leaving your seat. You can also let go of any stress you might have about turf condition. The low-profile tires offer better traction and less damage (and they give you a very smooth ride too.)  This mower always gets TOTAL PRO results!

High quality Kawasaki engines come as standard equipment on the Z400 Series. They’ll give you all the torque you need to get through tall grass and other challenging environments. The rugged, Hydro-Gear® Commercial ZT3600® transmission swiftly delivers power from the engine to the wheels. And when that grass is thick, you’ll really appreciate the way the fabricated steel mower decks, and their welded structures — 5″ deep! — vastly improve both mowing performance and clipping discharge. Finally, when you’re making the move from the back 40 to the front 40, you’ll love that the Z400 has a large, commercial-grade fuel tank — with a 6.8 gallon capacity, giving you more than 6 hours of continuous mowing.  That’s a lot of grass!!

We’d be happy to answer any of your questions about the Kubota Z400 Series Zero-Turn mowers. You can take a peek at our walk-around video for the Z421 to get a closer look. Or, come have a seat and experience the “luxury,” power, and ease of operation yourself at any of our Martin Implement locations.  We’ll be happy to help you get the mower you need!

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