Product Spotlight: Toro’s New e-Dingo 500 Compact Utility Loader!

The new e-Dingo500: Quiet…like a shark!

No, it’s not a new App.  And no, it’s not a new style of dance-music the kids are all going wild for.  It’s something even better!

Behold the e-Dingo 500, with a sizzling set of new whitewalls, this is a quiet revolution: the world’s first electric Dingo®. 

It’s perfect for indoor construction jobs, but rugged enough (and powerful enough) to hang outside on the construction site with the big boys. This machine gives you all the functionality and flexible performance benefits of a standard Dingo, along with the power — with almost no noise, no fuel costs, and ZERO exhaust emissions. With a maximum operating capacity of 515 pounds, and hydraulics at 3,250 PSI, the e-Dingo has the kind of strength you need to handle a huge variety of jobs. As a bonus, it’s just as agile as all of its Dingo cousins.

What Makes e-Go?
The e-Dingo’s frame is based on the proven Dingo 323 compact utility loader. But then…things step out a little: the e-Dingo 500 is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that requires NO maintenance. You also have selectable power modes: Auto Idle, ECO Mode, and Inch Mode to help maximize both maneuverability and runtime. Make no mistake though, the e-Dingo zips around: with a 2.75 mph transport speed and 4-stick fingertip hand controls that enable all functions from the operator position.

The all-battery power plant compares to combustion engines with a 5kW continuous output.  And a 1200W off-board charger gets you back in business with full power in less than 8 hours.  All that juice delivers agility and traction through e-Dingo’s 4-Paw® Independent 4-Wheel Drive, which delivers consistent hydraulic flow and pressure to all the wheels.  The 4-Paw needs no chains, reducing maintenance, and straight-up eliminating the chance for downtime with a broken chain.

What Can e-Do?
The e-Dingo is a mover, it has a 2.75 mph transport speed and a 28” wheelbase so you can maneuver into (and out of) tight spaces where only your crew could get to before. 6.5 GPM hydraulic power pumps can run most Dingo attachments, including bigger tools like augers (up to 12”). Toro’s quick-attach system (and Inch Mode) make switching accessories…plug…and play. 

Check out Toro’s great video putting the e-Dingo500 through the paces.  It’s a Dingo all right — ready to make your load lighter and your “done” list longer than ever.

Start One Up!
This is a machine you’ll really appreciate.  No roaring engine, no exhaust, no grime….just cool, efficient power, and that familiar Toro red (with two pairs of white shoes). Stop by or call us at any Martin location.  We’re here to help you get the machines you need, in a safe environment.  The e-Dingos are ready to ride..don’t wait too long on this one.

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