Product Spotlight: The Alamo TRAXX™RF (VIDEO)

Do you want to mow safer, faster and smarter than before on jobs that used to be considered dangerous and labor or time intensive? You have to see this product in action: the TRAXX™RF from Alamo Industrial. It’s a remote-control slope mower for safe mowing that’s nothing like you’ve ever seen. Check out some video that we shot of it in action:

It’s designed for dealing with vegetation (we are talking saplings, brush and the tough stuff) in the harshest terrain. It loves demanding, hazardous and confined areas and it gets to places other mowers can’t get to. With this machine you can tackle those steep roadside embankments because it takes on up to 60 degrees easily.

Since the operator is not on the mower they use finger-tip controls with a safe working range of up to 1000 feet. You can work umpteen times faster than by hand and have a high-quality outcome. Contact us if you’re interested in seeing a demo. There is even a snow blower option.

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