Product Spotlight: Sweepster Pickup Broom Attachment

Clean up on aisle SB 205!

If you’re in any service business, you know that there’s nothing that melts a customer’s heart like a CLEAN WORKSITE.  And that’s especially true when your customers are municipalities, subcontractors, and corporate clients. Right? Bigger jobs = bigger cleanups. Whether you’re trimming roadside brush, or cutting concrete, your best work will shine brightest when you leave the worksite immaculately clean.  If you want to get THAT job done quickly…we have just the attachment you’re looking for! 

The SB Hopper Broom (SSL Collector Sweeper — Hydraulic Drive) by Sweepster is your worksite maid, butler, and groom all in one. The Sweepsterprovides the white-glove treatment for construction, municipal and industrial applications.  (White work glove, of course.)  Watch a Sweepster in action, and you’ll see what we mean.

The Sweepster is designed for skid steers and track loaders with hydraulic power systems, and features a brush, reinforced hopper, and a replaceable cutting edge. For added strength, there are additional welds between the cutting-edge bolts, and five “wear bars” on the underside of the hopper.  Hey, sweeping up after concrete-barbers is heavy duty work! 

This is a bi-directional broom that sweeps tight to corners to pick up dirt and cement crumbs, and it keeps working because it’s powered by a direct-drive bush motor. No chains and sprockets to get gummed up by all that gnarly granola on the jobsite.  The direction of the Sweepster brushes are controllable by the operator.  Here’s a quick summary of key features on the Sweepster — and if you’ve done this kind of work before, you’ll know all of these add up to fast and effective work:

  • Bi-directional broom sweeps forward and back to pick up rock and construction debris
  • To dump: just lift the box and tilt…no chains required
  • No front caster: it works right up to walls, curbs and obstacles along the front edge
  • Mounts easily to your skid steer’s quick-attach assembly
  • Available with poly or poly/wire brushes, depending on the material you’re handling

Give us a call at your nearest Martin Implement location, and we’ll help you get you the right Sweepster for your machine and your clean-up task. This is a great way to add value and a truly huge labor-saver for big jobs that generate lots of crud & crumbs.  Put the broom down…the Sweepster is for closers!

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