Product Spotlight: Scag V-Ride Stand-on Mower

The odds are pretty good that if you drive around your neighborhood on a summer morning you’ll notice two things – one, landscapers get up REALLY EARLY, and two, there are more stander mowers in the field than ever before.  There’s always going to be a place for traditional riding mowers, but the agility and compactness of standers is something that buyers are finding more and more attractive.

Scag stand-on mower

Scag V-Ride mowers come in 36, 48, 52 & 61 inch decks.

Scag unveiled their V-Ride stand-on mower a few years back and it took no time to integrate it into their complete line.  With deck sizes of 36, 48, 52 and 61 inches it has the same width options that their standard riders offer, but in a more compact package.  Think about what that shorter length means for maneuverability and transportation.  What would that mean for productivity if you could bring an extra mower to the job site every morning?

The V-Ride comes with built with Scag quality parts and features like a floating cutter deck with height-adjust lever, a reliable Kawasaki engine and an operator’s platform with coil suspension that alleviates operator fatigue (one of the knocks on stander mowers is the wear on the operator).

We’ve got new V-Rides in all sizes so come by and check one out!

If you’ve got an opinion on stand-on vs. rider mowers we’d love to hear it.  Send comments to the blog HERE.

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