Product Spotlight: New Holland Workmaster 50 Utility Tractor (Video)

Workmaster 50: a stone-cold classic that’s ready to ROAR!

There’s a certain class of machines — jeeps, tanks, jets, and certain race cars come to mind — where the form is totally defined by the function of the vehicle.  And for some reason, those vehicles are just cooler looking than the rest. We’re going to go out on a limb here and add the New Holland Workmaster 50 to this list of very-coolest machines. When you get an eyeful of the smooth contours and simple lines of this tractor, we have a feeling you’re going to want to complete the picture, and put yourself in the driver’s seat.  You’ll want the perfect hat too, of course, but we can’t help ya there…

We know: life isn’t all glamour and photo sessions: you have work to do! Mowing, moving, baling or loading — the Workmaster 50 is up for all of it. The Workmaster’s quick-attach design makes it easy to hook up and remove or switch buckets and attachments. With a dual-category three-point hitch, you can easily swap out to go from Cat I to Cat II attachments.  The Workmaster 50 also has flexible linked ends, telescoping stabilizers, and a swinging draw bar to make implement hookup and operation smooth as silk.  With 3,307 pounds of lift capacity, you can take on bigger loads (or implements) to work even more efficiently.  Add a loader, rotary cutter, seeder, blade — whatever you need to increase your productivity and versatility. 

Multitasking is part of the plan, so the Workmaster’s hydraulic system utilizes dual pumps to give you all the power you need: for steering, the rear remote valves, the three-point hitch, and all that loader work you’ve been saving up!

The Workmaster 50 has a 53 hp engine (45 PTO), with a quiet, sure start-up (timed glow plugs ensure an easy start on cold mornings). The turbocharged, Tier IV compliant engine protects the environment and gives you the flexibility to run on B7 biodiesel blends. The emissions system doesn’t require operator intervention or added fluids, so you can keep working for maximum productivity.  As you can see from our picture, the one-piece hood glides open for immediate access to service areas…so there’s no need to remove cumbersome panels or grills. It’s super-easy to get to relays, batteries, coolant, hydraulic oil filters, air filters, and the alternator. Not quite Model T simplicity — but it’s just about that open and easy to work with!

If you had to choose a perfect tractor to start…tractoring with, and you also wanted to make sure it would “join the family” and work every day for a long, long time…this one might be the perfect choice. First of all, the controls are very easy to reach and operate. The contoured suspension seat is adjustable to the operator’s height, and the brightly colored gauges keep the tractor’s status front and center. No problem to shuttle from forward to reverse: the lever is on the left so your right hand can operate the loader while you’re moving the tractor in or out of the work area.  The hydraulic levers are also color coordinated with the remote hydraulic valves, and everything in the operator’s control is “high-vis” and smartly laid out. The Workmaster 50 also has exceptional ground clearance, and 4-wheel drive for challenging conditions. So, it’s going to be forgiving if junior (or pops!) takes it a little too “off road.” The R4 industrial tires are rugged and designed to handle any terrain.  Sight-lines are great, and so is fuel economy.  All in all, this tractor is a new friend that can become an old friend very quickly!

You can get all the detailed scoop on this machine from New Holland’s product literature, and we have a video tour of this machine as well.  But of course, the best way to experience the Workmaster 50 is to climb aboard and start hefting stuff around. Give us a call or drop in at any of our locations and we’ll give you the hands-on tour.  Careful though: we might put you to work on the lot!

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