Product Spotlight: New Holland Boomer 35-55 Compact Tractors

WORK those blues, with the New Holland Boomer 55!

Whether you’re adding to your fleet, replacing an older tractor, or buying your first, the New Holland Boomer series is very hard to resist — so, proceed with caution!  Because once you sit on the comfortable throne of a Boomer, handle the controls, and feel all that power (and room!) at your feet…there’s no turning back.

New Holland Boomers are designed for ease and comfort, and they’re also powerful and versatile enough to stay as busy as you are, all year round. Whether you’re running a small farm, taking care of some handsome acreage, or maintaining municipal landscapes or a top-notch golf course, the right Boomer might just be your high-performance vehicle of choice.

Boomers are powered by engines ranging from 35 to 55 horsepower (matching the model numbers: 35 40 45 50 and 55) and they all meet the strict Tier 4B Final emissions standards.The New Holland emissions system features a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) that turns Nitrous Oxide (NO) into Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to capture any remaining dust. The result of all this advanced engineering is a quiet, clean machine that has plenty of PTO power to deliver to the hydraulic system running your implements or hitch.   

The 3 Point lift capacity for the Boomer 35 and 40 is a stout 1808 pounds. The 45, 50 and 55 models are even better, at 2756 pounds. They all have telescopic stabilizers and flex-link ends, so power and versatility are optimized. Your Boomer tractor is ready to dig in and get it ALL done, with front, back or mid-mount implements and attachments. 

Take your choice from New Holland’s broad selection:
Mid-mount mowers; Rotary cutters & tillers; Utility backhoes; Landscape rakes; Front-mount snow blowers;  Front-mount rotary brooms;  Front-mount blades; Rear-mount finish mowers; Disc harrows; Box blades; and Bale carriers…

Whether you’re a long-time tractor-tinkering veteran, or relatively new to the high-saddle and the big-rear wheels, a New Holland Boomer is going to be a pleasure to operate.

The 35-55 Boomers offer a clutch-free hydrostatic transmission with cruise control. 

You’ll make direction changes with two pedals —one for forward and one for reverse. No clutching or hand shifting necessary, and when you’re mowing the back 40, or scooting wayyy over there — you can just hit cruise control and pretend you’re on the Interstate.  The 12×12 synchronized shuttle shift (SSS) transmission on the Boomer 35/40, and a 16 x16 SSS transmission for the 45/50/55, make it easy to find the perfect speed for any task.

The Boomer seat is comfortable and capacious (should you need it!) and the steering wheel is adjustable to match every driver’s sweet-spot. The operating platform is big, uncluttered — so you can get in and out without fuss, and there’s plenty of legroom when you’re sitting on top of the world, admiring the real-state. All the controls are color-coded and high-visibility so you can be sure of every move. If you’re going to be operating “in weather” (or if you just don’t like weather very much), consider a Boomer model with a factory-installed cab. The cab is optional on the Boomer 40/45/50/55 and features complete climate control, a cool cloth seat, and premium controls for max productivity.  If you end up working past dark, an enhanced lighting package can illuminate your work area to both front and side, so you know what’s going on all around you.  Bonus: passers-by will be able to see you, and admire your work ethic!

Set your automobile’s controls for the heart of Martin Implement — at any one of our three locations, and we’ll get you set-up for an awesome test-ride on a New Holland Boomer. This machine is the perfect step-up from your old reliable tractor, and if it’s your first, it’s a super-smooth introduction to the joy of (adult-sized!) big wheels. 

Guaranteed, too: All Boomer models are backed by a FREE Boomer Guard 6 / Limited Warranty. It provides 6 years of worry-free operation, including 2 years of “bumper-to-bumper” coverage, plus an extra 4 years of powertrain protection. Can’t beat that…

Go big, go blue, and get a New Holland on your piece of soil!

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