Product Spotlight: New Holland 300 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader Control Options

The joystick on these new models really EARN the name!  

If you’ve ever put in a full day’s work with a skid steer loader, you know that the controls can become an extension of your arms and hands.  And if you’re an experienced operator, you probably have certain settings you like to work with the best. You know: so the instruments feel like those arms and hands are YOURS. It’s only natural!

New Holland Listened to a lot of operators to get input on the cab design and instrumentation for their 300 series Skid Steer and Track Loaders. They made several updates designed to accommodate users who love to set up their hands and feet the way they like to work. New Holland also made some very cool upgrades that are sure to appeal to any operator.  So let’s grab that joystick and see what’s up!

All of the 300 series controls are designed to give operators who have a fine touch the capabilities they need to make the most of their skills. The new options bring the kind of innovation New Holland is known for:

Boasting an easy-view eight-inch screen, the display comes standard on 300 series E-H machines (optional for others), and it’s mounted conveniently on the right forward post. The display is easy to navigate and offers simple electro-hydraulic control settings. It’s also customizable to an operator’s preferences and lets you change settings for seasonal applications. So you can go from settings for summer to winter, or trencher to bucket, with the touch of a button.

Offering speed increments of 1 to 100 increments, equally divided between 0 mph to full speed, creep mode keeps movement VERY precise at low speed, but keeps RPM’s high for your attachments. This way, you have much greater control for slow-speed / high-power demand operations like trenching. NOTE: Creep Mode is only available with the EH configuration — we’ll talk more about those control options in a minute….

Straight-line tracking has been made even better, with deviation reduced to a mere 2 ft. over 100 ft. of travel, and less need for manual adjustment. Now you can maintain a straight path, even when you’re working with heavy (and hard-working) attachments. This function is also available only on the E-H Control configuration.

Joysticks have been ergonomically optimized to allow for a lower-profile control grip, and now feature soft buttons to reduce thumb-fatigue (a real thing). Pods positioned below the joysticks also provide more “knee-room.”

With all of these great improvements, the best news is that New Holland’s 300-Series skid steer and track loaders still give you a range of outstanding options for controlling your machine and its attachments. If you’re unsure of the style that will work best for you, we highly recommend you check out our New Holland Control Options video, and we’ve also got a great infographic that summarizes all three options visually. 

In the meantime, here’s the “word” version for all you old-timers!

Hand & Foot Control
This is the standard option for many operators: your hands control the drive function and your feet control the boom and bucket. It’s the go-to for many operators because it’s been around awhile — just like they have!

H-Pattern Hand Control
H-Pattern starts out like Hand and Foot: your hands drive the same in foot control machines (left hand controls the left tires, right controls the right) — the difference is your hands also have control of the boom and bucket. The handles are hinged, and turning them toward or away from you moves the boom and bucket — or any other attachments you’re using out there.

E-H Controls (ISO & H-Pattern)
New Holland’s Electro-Hydraulic controls give you the option between ISO and H-Pattern configuration. With ISO, the two joysticks are independent: with the left hand stick controlling drive function, and the right hand controlling boom and bucket. ISO gives the operator very precise control over attachments which is a major plus for more detailed work. (As you recall, this is the option for Creep Mode and Straight-Line Assist.) 

The ability to switch between control patterns makes the E-H controls a perfect option for many contractors and rental houses…and for operators who like to switch things up seasonally or for different job types. The HAWK display provides the ability to fine-tune the EH controls and switch between its modes. It’s a great choice.

Give Us A Shout…or Drop By
We’re practicing safe distancing and we’re always here to answer any questions and ready at our shops to give you the opportunity to test out a new machine if you’re deciding which set of Control Options will work best for you.  The new 300 series has all kinds of other great performance options and of course, New Holland durability and quality. Let us know if we can show you a new machine — reach out to us for an appointment at any Martin Implement Location!

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