Product Spotlight: New Holland 200 Series Skid Steer Loaders

Get over it!  No problem with a New Holland 200 Series Skid Loader

REACH FOR IT! We have a wide variety of 200 Series New Holland Skid Steer Loaders here at Martin Implement.  So, if you’re taking notes, get your pencil ready! …We have the L213, L216, L218, L220, L221, L228, L230 and, finally, the top o’ the line L234. These machines range from 46 horsepower with a max hinge-pin height of 112” (the L213); to 84 hp and a max height of 131.1” (the L234).  

What they all have in common is an amazing combination of reach, power, comfort, and versatility.

The smartly-designed geometry of the New Holland SUPER BOOM® vertical lift linkage enables featured 200 Series Skid Steers to load material right smack in the center of the truck bed. The bucket pivot point is also very close to the machine’s center of gravity, which complements the great reach with outstanding stability. 

RADIALS: On the L213, L216 and L221, New Holland’s radial-lift boom geometry optimizes digging and pushing. The radial lift machines also have tremendous breakout force due to the geometry of the arm, which ties directly into the chassis for more pushing power. It’s also worth noting that the radial-lift models are best suited for applications where maximum reach is needed at medium height. (You can run the numbers on all of these models here, on our New Holland product page.)

All of the 200 Series skid steer loaders have comparatively long wheelbases, which combine with their low center-of-gravity and even front-to-rear weight distribution to offer operators a smooth, stable ride. Smoothest of all? New Holland’s Glide Ride is an optional feature that prevents the arm from bouncing when traveling on rough terrain, so the bucket stays full — and operators don’t get seasick!

200 Series skid steers feature an extra-wide cab, and the cab threshold is low enough to give operators excellent visibility to the cutting edge of the bucket. BIG side windows also provide a clear line-of-sight to the wheels; and super-thin side screen grids and front pillars further enhance all the “wide-open looks.” The capacious rear and see-through top windows complete the whole picture.

The 200 Series cabs offer best-in-class comfort, with great head and leg room — and this ample, wide cab is standard on every model. The floor is flat and so your feet have room to work and move. Larger models have a front door that’s sealed and pressurized, and that means dust, water, grime and bugs stay the heck outside where they belong. Noise is also significantly reduced!

New Holland skid steer loaders and compact track loaders are super-versatile as well, and the range of attachments runs from brooms, to buckets, to cement mixers and farm forks, and everything in between. New Holland’s “Connect Under Pressure” feature assures that attachments are easy to change (and fast), because pressure is automatically released when the auxiliary line is disconnected. No wrenches needed! An optional hydraulic attachment coupler allows operators to exchange attachments quickly and safely without even leaving the cab.  Last the 200 Series comes with 3 different hydraulic options: Standard-Flow, and for select machines, High-Flow, and Enhanced High Flow. Talk to your Martin dealer to figure out which hydraulic system will be right for the kind of work you’re planning to do!

We have a brief video tour of the 200 Series New Holland loaders, featuring an L230, and it talks more about the ease of access & maintenance — which is outstanding, as with all New Holland machines.  Give the video a look and then drop by or call any Martin Implement location, and our representatives will be glad to help you get set up with the right 200 Series skid steer for you and your team. There are a LOT to choose from!  

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