Product Spotlight: MX5400 and MX6000 MX Series Utility Tractors

How mow can you go? Tame the green stuff (and much more) with the new Kubota MX series tractors.

How do we measure the quality of a tractor? It has to begin with utility — as much of it as possible. The power and grace to go from job to job and knock ‘em over like bowling pins: grading, mowing, golf course maintenance, material handling, farm-duty, construction and even snow removal. For a great utility tractor, variety is what it’s all about.  The new Kubota MX series are designed to do all that work, and keep operators cozy in the meantime. They also keep accountants happy, due to their incredible durability…but more on that in a minute.  First, let’s get under that (one piece metal) hood!

There are two new MX models, the MX5400 and big brother MX6000, with a ROPS or CAB configuration available for each. Both have a wheelbase of 74.6 inches and a length of 125.8” (slightly longer 127.8” for the 2WD version of the MX5400). They also feature a tight turning radius of 8.9 feet (8.5’ for 2WD model), so you can get in and out of smaller job sites easily. However, you’ll still have plenty of power with the turbocharged Kubota engine to do the job. 

The MX5400 equipped with the optional gear drive transmission is rated for 55.5 hp; for HST (hydrostatic transmission) it tops out at 57 hp. For the MX6000, HST is standard, and you get a little more than six extra horses, at 63.4 hp.  Whoa Nelly!

With over 50 optional accessories to add on to your tractor, you can make the MX your personal tractor. 

PTO Power is plentiful — 46.5 hp for the MX5400, and 51.7 for the MX6000 — so you don’t have to limit your imagination when it comes to attachments. With a Category I & II 3-Point Hitch offering a maximum lift capacity of 2,310 pounds (24 inches behind the lift point), the MX series accommodates a wide range of implements. 

If you have a lot of material-moving in front of you (so to speak), add the Kubota-built LA1065 Front Loader, specifically designed and built for the MX series. With serious lift capacity, lift height, and breakout force, the LA1065 provides the power needed for big jobs. The (standard) 2-lever quick coupler also allows easy attachment and detachment of implements like grapple buckets or bale spears.  If you go with the ROPS option, you can go all out with a BH92 Backhoe: it’s also performance-matched with the MX Series, and it delivers over 9 feet of digging depth. And attaching and detaching is quick and simple. 

Comfort starts with room: the MX series deck features 30 full inches between fenders so mounting and dismounting is a breeze, and once you’re seated, you have the room you need to work in comfort. Legroom is fully optimized and your leg power is conserved, with the easy-to-operate hanging pedals. The new high-back suspension seat is no slouch either, a game changer for long hours — with optional armrests — though we recommend them to reduce fatigue if you’ll be doing loader work.  

You have the option for a ROPS or CAB configuration. Standard equipment for the CAB model includes: Heater/Air Conditioner; Tilt-Steering; Front Work Light; Front Wiper; Suspension Seat; Floor Mat; 2-Stage Opening Rear Window; Room Mirror; 60 Amp Alternator; 12V Socket; Radio-Ready with antenna and speaker and last but nowhere near least: A GREAT CUP HOLDER! 

The MX series are Kubota after all, so they’re built for the long haul. Affordable when you buy them, and ever-more affordable as you keep and maintain them. Under that metal one-piece hood there’s a precision engineered V2403CR-T Kubota Diesel Engine. To keep it purring, the new MX-Series is designed to assure that daily maintenance is no sweat. For fast cleaning, the radiator screen can be removed from either side of the tractor. The air filter, large-capacity battery, and coolant recovery tank are all easily accessible as well. Hydraulic hoses are strong and well protected. There’s also a smart Water Separator sensor: whenever the water separator is full, a sensor lets you know on the dash panel that draining is required. 

Give us a ring and then drop on by at your nearest Martin location and we’ll give you all the information on the MX series that we didn’t manage to squeeze into this spotlight. We’re thrilled with these new models and think they’re going to be a big hit: a perfect blend of versatility, power, and comfort, with Kubota quality bringing it ALL together!  

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